Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two K's

After meeting the three blonds we have been hanging out with them a lot. Sure enough Farrah and Lance are looking to be coupled in the future. Kelly has been at our house nearly every night since the first. She just pops in whenever she's in the area. I have been flirting with her and with Karen. I know they're both friends, but they're not that good of friends. They are both friends with Farrah and only each other because of their connection to her.

If they find out it, could spell disaster... but only for my relationship with them. There are plenty of other girls rolling in and out of this house that I can afford to make a few mistakes, I figure. Besides after Claire and Andrea and all the drama that ensued I've decided that I take relationships a little bit too seriously. I need to lighten up. So flirt on, that's my new motto.

Here are some flirtings I have had through text with the two friends:

JAKE - 1:14pm: So... how was Hawaii?
KAREN - 1:20pm: Amazing!
JAKE - 1:30pm: Nice. I should go there some time.
KAREN - 1:33pm: Have you never been? Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?
JAKE - 1:50pm: Nope, never. Favorite? Ireland.
KAREN - 1:55pm: Did you visit there for soccer? I am saving to go to Greece. That's the next big trip I want to take.
(Karen is hotter than me. I think she's an 8 even if Calvin thinks she's a 5 that looks like a blond Kermit the Frog. So I realize that she is responding to me almost instantly. Which is a good sign. I want to keep her on her toes, so I decide to delay my responses in hopes that this would make her as crazy as it does me.)
JAKE - 2:40pm: I served my mission there. Greece? That's so trendy... Lets go to Istanbul instead.
KAREN - 2:51pm: That is awesome you served your mission in Ireland. What part? Is that when you started liking soccer? Have you been back since?
JAKE - 3:22pm: Dublin. No. No.
KAREN - 3:50pm: Have you seen Green Street Hooligans?
(I notice she waited 30 minutes to respond to that one... which probably means she just had to take a crap... but just in case she was trying to respond to my delayed responses I decided to double my response time - which was really hard to do.)
JAKE - 5:46pm: Yes.
KAREN - 5:53pm: I love that movie! I haven't seen it in a while but its one I never get sick of.
(Ah, a 7 minute response... much better. And, she left me an obvious open invitation to ask her to watch Green Street Hooligans with me.)
KAREN - 5:59pm: And by the way, Greece is not too trendy. And I think you're cute.
KAREN - 6:10pm: And when I say cute, I mean hot.
(Okay she said I was cute I could capitalize right now, but me and Aaron are going to go see Inception again tonight with The Twins. So I decide that the best way to play this is to not respond to her AT ALL. She knows she's hot, and I'm certain she knows she's hotter than me. Yet here she was tossing me hints like they're ninja stars. I decided that if I ignored her after confessing that she thought I was attractive would make her want me even more. So I didn't respond till the next morning.)
JAKE - 8:58am: Rumor has it flattery will get you everywhere.
KAREN - 8:59am: Except a rapid response from Jake Halifax.
(I count that as proof that my strategy worked.)
KAREN - 9:22am: And Jake when I say that, naturally I mean it in the cleanest way possible.
JAKE - 9:28: Wanna get lunch today?

(While I was at lunch with Karen)
KELLY - 12:43pm: You never text me back?
JAKE - 1:11pm: I always text you back, sometimes it takes 3 days.
KELLY - 1:19pm: Funny. You never responded to my last question.
JAKE - 1:44pm: I forgot.
KELLY - 1:50pm: I know. That's what I am saying.
(I didn't forget I was just pretending. Because if a cute girl thinks you aren't thinking about her it makes you "different" and girls like different.)
JAKE - 2:21pm: No, I forgot what you asked.
KELLY - 2:25pm: You're bad at texting.
JAKE - 2:30pm: I warned you.
KELLY - 2:40pm: Have you ever been surfing?
JAKE - 3:15pm: Yep, a few times. I am good at everything... except texting.
KELLY - 3:23pm: Hmm, everything but text? I think I am going to like this.
KELLY - 4:03pm: I'm starting to wonder if you're one of those examples of the pen is mightier than the sword. You're sure good at writing, but...
JAKE - 4:21pm: But?
KELLY - 4:24pm: Well, I guess we'll see.
JAKE - 4:28pm: Ha ha, I'm not worried. I'm way better in person.
KELLY - 4:31pm: You don't seem to worry about anything. I think that's part of your appeal.
(She might as well have ask me out. I decide I am going to hold out on her too... make her think about me a little more, then she throws me a curveball.)
KELLY - 5:05pm: Send me a picture.
(This has never happened to me before. What was she asking? I have heard of it, but wasn't really sure what was expected. A picture of my face? in one of those myspace poses? Not bloody likely.)
KELLY - 5:26pm: Just do it!
(I decided to send her a picture of an oven I already had in my phone from selling it on KSL weeks ago.)
KELLY - 5:35pm: You are one strange mofo.
JAKE - 5:40pm: Strange?
KELLY - 5:47pm: You sent me a stove when I wanted to see your face (or butt).
JAKE - 6:31pm: Well, you can't blame me for your inability to specify...
KELLY - 6:32pm: Send me a picture of your face. Please.
(I found an old picture of me with head phones and sunglasses and stuff on and sent it.)
KELLY - 6:48pm: Watch out world. Here comes Jake the bad ass! :) whats with all the equipment?
JAKE - 7:00pm: Sunglasses: protect my eyes from harmful UV rays. Seatbelt: Keeps me in place in case of a crash. T-shirt: protects upper body from chaffing seatbelt might cause. Headset: Allows me to talk to & hear other passengers over noise of the engine.
KELLY - 7:04pm: Really?? You fly? Will you take me?
JAKE - 9:36pm: Ha ha, no... I ride. I was in the backseat.
KELLY - 9:40pm: Dang, I was ready to kiss you.
JAKE - 11:19pm: Curses, oh well... I'll have to make do kissing girls who don't only kiss pilots.
KELLY - 11:23pm: I didn't say I only kiss pilots. I am sure you could think of something to entice me to kiss you. Remember you're good at everything... except texting.
JAKE - 11:42pm: Well, I am a better kisser than any pilot.
KELLY - 11:45pm: Prove it!
JAKE - 11:48pm: Why?
KELLY - 11:56pm: You have the best answers.
(I thought about replying that the only thing I would have to do to entice her is show up... but instead I decided that this was the part where I would ignore her so that I could ensure it.)
KELLY - 12:27am: What should I have said in response to that?
KELLY - 1:13am: Hello? Awake?

I like Karen a little more, mainly because she is hotter... also she seems easier. Plus I know that Kelly has been flirting similarly with Aaron and Peter, but whatever.


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