Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enter the Angel

Bryson is in! He is going to move in next weekend. Thats going to be pretty cool because it will save us a little money on rent. We have spots for a couple more guys. Don't know where they'll come from, if you know anyone not as cute or funny as me, but yet not scary or creepy, then let me or Calvin know.

I started my new job today... it's a lame telemarketing job, and I hate it even after day one. However one thing that made it bearable is this hottie that works in my office. I first saw her today, she was walking towards me and it was as if time slowed to where I was in a slow motion moment. Her hair was bouncing softly on her shoulders and it was as if a chorus of angels sang lightly as she walked passed me. She smiled and I looked at the ground like an idiot.

Her name is Andrea. She is so beautiful. I spent the day trying to figure out if our first encounter was the Spirit trying to tell me something or just me being sappy. I sit pretty far away from her, but I walked to the drinking fountain at least every 15 minutes or so just to see her, and chance getting another smile. It never happened. Blast I have got to meet her, but I am just too cowardly to say anything...

I may have to handle this one all sneaky like.


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