Thursday, June 25, 2009


I don't think I've ever used the word "mantra" in a sentence until right now. I'm pretty sure it means "slogan" or "motto" or something, but whenever I hear those two words I think about the Boy Scouts.

Even though I don't think the 5 of us have officially declared what our House Mantra is, we do hold the Bro's before Ho's thing pretty close to our hearts. It's like that line from Grease when that guy decides to hang with his girlfriend and kicks his three best friends out of his car and makes them walk home. One of them says, "When a guy pick a chick over his buddies, something's seriously wrong." So true.

We've tried to maintain a certain level of respect between us. It's only been a couple weeks since we've all been living together so this hasn't been tested yet, but I think we have a pretty good handle on how things are gonna work. We've all decided to invite every single girl we know over to our house... even if we're not into them. That way, we can "share the wealth". I mean... there's 5 of us. So... bottom line: Just because I don't think a girl is cute doesn't mean none of my room mates will either.

I must say, however, that we may need to find another roommate soon. Bryson is getting pretty serious with his girlfriend. It seems weird that they're moving so fast since they've only been dating for a few weeks. But we DO live in Utah. When the Spirit is guiding you and helping you to make wise decisions regarding relationships, things can move quickly.

I'll be glad when Bryson is gone, too. He ate all of my Double Stuff oreos the other day. Not just a few. The whole fetching bag. He claims he doesn't remember, but Jake says that he's seen Bryson stumble into the kitchen several times in the middle of the night. Apparently, Jake's tried to talk to him, but Bryson just pretends he doesn't hear him. What a faker. He's owes me a bag of Double Stuff.



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