Saturday, June 13, 2009


I've been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately to try to figure out if Mindy is my future wife. My blessing says some pretty specific things about what I can expect from my eternal companion and I'm trying to determine if Mindy IS all those things. She has awesome legs and I love it when she wraps them around me when we're making out, but my blessing definitely doesn't say anything about THAT little tidbit, unfortunately.

I actually made my first list ever of Pros and Cons. Mindy does have kind of a big nose, but it doesn't get in the way when we're kissing at all. She's really tan and she has dark hair, which I like. I like her family. But Mindy like cars and trucks a lot and I honestly don't care the tiniest bit about that stuff. Bryson has a new truck that she loves to, like, kiss and fondle. Every time she comes over, she's always asking Bryon questions about his truck and asking to see the engine or something. I might be jealous if I wasn't obviously more attractive and funny than Bryson. I mean, I'm not a great looking guy or anything, but I KNOW I'm more attractive than Bryson. And I always have my sense of humor going for me, too.

So I'm still looking over my list of Pros and Cons. Right now the Pros are quite a bit more convincing. I'm just waiting for the right time to ask Heavenly Father what I should do. If I ask now, then I'll be stuck with only two options: Break Up or Propose. I'm not ready for either one right now.


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Mrs. Sex Deprived said...

I have tried not to believe that RM's actually think like this.. but honestly? What's wrong with dating... for longer than a couple weeks/months? You're seriously already thinking about marriage? Wow.