Thursday, June 4, 2009


We just finished moving Jake in to the bedroom. I'm having flashbacks of my own mission. He's sleeping, like, 10 feet away from me right now. He, of course, is snoring... just like he did in Ireland. It's like Jake's body knows exactly what position is the most comfortable. He's got one hand behind his head and the other hand halfway down his pants... kinda like the dad on Married With Children only without the lame screaming studio audience. I think this is gonna be a sweet setup once we get our new roommates in here, so long as they're cool.

Actually, they don't even need to be cool. In fact, it would be nice if they were less cool than me and Jake so we didn't have the "competition" factor to worry about. Ideally, they should be just cool enough to not scare away hotties, but dorky enough to not steal any of the chicks away from me (or Jake... but mostly me).

I guess Jake's sister is setting him up for our group date this weekend. I'm going out with Mindy who is Jake's cousin's coworker... like anyone cares about that. I like Mindy, I think. She's pretty cool. She has kind of a big nose, but that's really the only physical flaw that I've noticed so far. I say "so far" cause there's plenty of her physical form that I have yet to see.

I'll see if I can get Jake to post something before our date. Worst case scenario, I'll get something up this weekend... maybe after our date.


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