Monday, June 29, 2009

The Plot Thickens

Okay, so I think it's apparent by now that I am a total coward. So hopefully this next story doesn't make me look like too big a nerd. Seriously though, I have put a lot of thought into this, weighed the pro's and consequences and really feel this is the best course of action.

Andrea from work is all I think about, and she is like a 9, and she is funny and cool. Holy freak if I could just go out with her with my friends Calvin and Aaron around I know I could be myself and totally impress her.

So I have concocted a plan to get her to go out with me. It requires the help of my boss Susan, who totally loved the idea and is on board with it.

The idea: I plan a group date. A canoeing + picnic deal up at the lake. Calvin, Aaron, and Nick will have their dates and be joining us. I will pretend to get a date. Now Susan will tell Andrea that her Cousin who is our same age is in town and that she really wants to set her up with him. I will then tell Andrea that Susan's cousin has also asked to come on the canoeing date with us. This will give me a chance to talk about something with her and not feel stupid. Then unbeknownst to Andrea, on the day of the date, I will tell Andrea that my date canceled. Susan will later on that day tell Andrea that her cousin can't make it, then she will suggest that Andrea just go with me since both of our dates canceled at the last moment.

I know I know... the amount of work this requires far exceeds me just walking up to her and saying, "Hi, I think you're the bomb. Want to go out this weekend." I promise you though, my insides would freeze and I would probably make a farting sound the first time I tried to utter a word. Also, what if she said no? This way she wouldn't already have plans, she might as well go out with me, it's the same thing as a total stranger.

The implementation: So today I told Andrea and some other people about how I was excited for the big group date. Andrea said it sounded like fun. Then, Susan, at lunch approached Andrea about her cousin. Andrea wanted to see his picture on Facebook... luckily Susan actually had a cousin and he wasn't bad looking. Andrea said yes. The date is planned for next weekend the one after the fourth. I know this is going to work.


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