Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Date

I went out with a girl, Aubry... she was cute. When I say cute, I mean "not ugly". She was nice and we did okay talking but I really feel like I didn't do a very good job being a date which is okay since I wont be that bothered if I never go out with her again.

It was a big group date, probably 20 people there. I didn't know anyone except for Calvin. He seemed to be doing well with Mindy, in fact he isn't home yet I'm sure because he is making the most of his doorstep scene. Mine was a disaster, I ended up trying to shake her hand and then when she looked at me like I was retarded I went in for a hug which felt funny to me, and probably lasted for less then a second... but she smelled good. That was nice. I think a little awkwardness is justified since I haven't had any physical contact with females for such a long time.

Enough about that, in other news, I think Calvin found us another roommate. A guy he grew up with named Dave Bryson, apparently everyone just calls him "Bryson", Cal says he's pretty cool, I haven't spent enough time with him to really tell. He's coming to Church with us this Sunday to check out our new ward.

Oh, Calvins home. Time to find out which base he stopped at.


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