Saturday, July 11, 2009


Holy crap! I have to post because there is no way I can sleep after the awesome night that I had. First, at work my plan went off without a hitch. Andrea consoled me when I told her that (wink wink) my date had canceled. She even offered to see if one of her friends could come. I pretended to be perfectly capable of getting another date on short notice, and like it was no big deal which was pretty fun.

Then my boss Susan broke the news to Andrea that her cousin wouldn't be able to come. Making up some story about how he had an ex-girlfriend he decided to get back together with. (since Andrea saw Cousin's Facebook page and thought he was cute this was an amendment to the original plan I had to put in to avoid her pursuing a followup date with the hunky cowboy Cousin) Susan suggested to Andrea, that she ask me. It was awesome! Seriously, the hottest girl I have ever been 2 feet from walked up to me and asked me out on a date. Talk about avoiding uncomfortable confrontation.

Unlike my sneaky "get-a-date-with-Andrea-scheme" the date itself did not go as planned. First of all Calvin ditched Mindy at the last second, which maintains his kinghood by the way, so Andrea set him up with one of her friends. Then, we invited these other two guys, and they were late, and we had to wait for them because they were the ones who knew how to get to the Lake. They were nearly an hour late. Which actually worked in my favor because I was still pretty flustered around Andrea. Having Calvin and her friend and the other boys around made it easier to break the ice. Especially since we just kept making fun of the D-bags that were so late.

Then when we finally did start driving to the lake, which happened to be in Utah County, we got lost along the way. We didn't even get to the lake until 9pm just before it started to get dark. This also worked in my favor because me and Andrea were alone in my Dad's truck with the canoe strapped to the back following a caravan of our confused friends. We were really able to talk and get to know each other. Andrea is pretty awesome, and now that I know her better, I know that I don't think that just because she is beautiful. I'd say she's probably the most beautiful girl I've ever dated, add in her level of cool... I may be in trouble here.

The lake was fun, and the food and canoeing were great. Everyone had a good time except for Nick. The chick he got set up with was a little too emo for his liking.

When I finally got Andrea home, I was shaking with nervousness for the doorstep scene. I knew I was going to walk her to her car, and I knew there was no way, NO WAY, that I was going to try and kiss her... still I was petrified.

I walked her up to the doorstep and we had a conversation. I have no idea what it was about. I'm pretty sure I didn't even hear a word she said, and thinking about it now I wonder if my responses were even coherent. After a couple moments of awkwardness she lunged at me, arms in the air and wrapped them around my neck. We hugged for a good little while. It was great. It was so great. I felt a little tingle feeling as my hands gently moved up and down her back. Not a tingling feeling like, you-just-hit-puberty feeling, but more like a your-arms-feel-asleep-and-the-blood-is-rushing-back-into-your-limbs feeling. She said that she had a great time! She also said that she was glad Susan's Cousin canceled. I told her I'd see her at work, and she said that she hoped that wasn't the only place I'd see her.

I drove home singing every song at the top of my lungs. Finally, a girl I like, and even better, I think she likes me!



Kell and Haylee said...
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Taren said...

andrea sounds nice, as long as she doesn't have utah hair... it's a growing epidemic.

Azaad!! said...

I've recently started reading your blog and I must say that so far you are my favorite! Although I've read a few of your newer posts and kinda know what's going to happen next, this post somehow seemed to bring out the boyish side of you which to me seemed adorable!

We don't do the whole dating thing here in India exactly the way you guys do it, and maybe that's why it is fun reading about your experiences! :)