Monday, July 20, 2009


Our house decided to do a little FHE (that stands for Family Home Evening for all of our non-Mormon readers) of our own tonight. We played some ultimate frisbee out in South Jordan by my parents house. We got together as roommates and decided that we were going to try to each get a few girls to come out and then we could invite outside dudes as the ratios deemed necessary.

Aaron and Nick invited some girls, but of course they didn't come. I am starting to think these girls Aaron claims to know don't exist. I invited a bunch of girls too, and they all showed up. Weird! So far Aaron & Nick have brought nothing to the table in the 2 weeks they've lived with me. Luckily right now I have Andrea and she is all I need. So, there was me and the 4 roomies, Brysons fiance, and then a group of 5 girls I have known for a long time. With Andrea and this sister missionary from our mish that put the ratio to 5 guys and 8 girls. So I invited two other guys I used to work with before the mish. Kevin and another Nick... they were both pretty good looking guys. I realized long ago that if I can find cool, good looking guys to roll with that girls will keep hanging out with me. I just have to always be at the top of my game personality-wise. Aside from Bryson and possibly my roommate Nick I am near the bottom in the looks category, but I have personality, and I am confident I have all of the guys who were at frisbee tonight beat in that category, except maybe Calvin, who I'm tied with, but he thinks Andrea's too skinny anyway so I'm not concerned.

We played ultimate frisbee, which is fun as always, for a couple hours then all went and got Ice cream. It was a big success. All night it was clear that Kevin was into Andrea, she kept looking at me as his flirting grew stronger as if to beg me to tell him I belonged to her. I loved that, and was kind of enjoying watching the exchanges from afar and doing nothing. I waited until after frisbee to tell Kev that we were dating. His look of defeat was worth its weight in gold since I remember how that good-looking savage stole Melissa Mortensen from me years ago.

My roommate Aaron was totally gaga for my old friend Tiffany. I have known Tiffany since I was 15 years old. Back then my best friend wanted her and right now I could see Aaron falling head first into the same trap. Things didn't work out so well for my friend in High School so I don't foresee Aaron making it very far. He is sitting on the sofa right now asking me question after question about her, even as I write this post.

Aaron: What kind of guys does she like?
Me: Douche Bags.
Aaron: Really!?
Me: Yeah, I think you should go for it, you're totally her type.
Aaron: Are you calling me a douche?
Me: Sorry I couldn't hear that last question, I think your popped collar is covering your mouth.

Heh heh heh. Actually Aaron and Tiffany might make a good couple, so I'll see what I can do. After I spend the next few hours thinking about Andrea in her short blue gym shorts...



Taren said...

one comment for you, jake.

Alexis! said...

"I think your popped collar is covering your mouth" LOL!