Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Second Chance

The last few days have been harder than I thought they'd be. I did my usual routine of listening to Here I Go Again by White Snake. That usually helps me to feel better after I get my heart broken. I can usually pull off some convincing air drums during the chorus, even through my tears.

Then Mindy calls me today. She apologized to me again and said that she didn't want our relationship to end. I said, "Mindy! You told my friend that you wanted him to marry you instead of his girlfriend." Then I asked her if she really thought she and I could actually "go" somewhere... like, longterm. She did a whole song and dance about how she knows dozens of married couples who have stories about dating their husbands best friend before finally falling for their husband and crap like that. Then I said, "But, Mindy... you're not attracted to me." "Yes I am." "Well, you told Bryson that you weren't attracted to me, didn't you?" "Well... yeah... I did, but that doesn't mean I could NEVER be attracted to you. That kind of thing comes with time. Just please give me another chance, Calvin. I like you so much. Calvin... I love you."

Are you serious? She told me that she loved me... 3 days after she tells my friend that I'm hideous and she wants to wrap her legs around him and his fancy truck. Whatever.

However, I decided that I would let Mindy have another chance. She'll be coming with us on our date this Friday.

Jake is pretty stoked about this co-worker of his, Andrea. She is pretty cute, but not in a "stuff $1 bills into her underwear" kind of way. More like in a "I don't watch R-rated movies and I wear a One Piece swimming suit to Lagoon-a-Beach" kind of way.



Constantine said...

Dear fellow blogger,

No, the book did not have any pictures because I'm sure if they did they would be nudey photos! lol like you said, all the bare flesh in the movie justifies the "R" rating quite well. I enjoyed the movie mainly because I love Kate Winslett, but, as can be said about most movies, it doesn't quite do the book justice. I would recommend the book to anyone!
Glad to see you got back together with your girlfriend!


samnhal said...

Hey hey, I have no idea how you found my it seems I don't know either of you, but you're blog is pretty much amazing! I guess I don't really know you, but from reading your blog I don't think Mindy deserved a second chance...she just wants someone to date it seems, lame. I know of a good singles ward if you guys want one with more hotties.

CaLLie.ANN said...

I pretty much have my entire work hooked on your blog. I love it, and love hearing about your dating adventures. I'm flattered you found my blog and flattered you want to hang out, but I'm a little nervous you are going to blog about my big nose and hands the size of bread loafs. :)

nikki said...

...welcome back...

Anonymous said...

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