Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sister Harms

When you hear someone say "sister missionary", very unpleasant images will probably pop into your head. It's not that sister missionaries aren't spiritual or faithful or dedicated. It's just that they're most likely not very cute. The only girls who go on missions in Utah are girls who can't find a guy to marry them by the time they're 21-years-old... and in Utah, that's ancient.

Every once in a while, though, there will be a sister missionary who is drop dead gorgeous. Sister Harms was that missionary. I was in the MTC with her and it was obvious that everyone in my MTC district thought she was hot, as well. I was secretly trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Why would an extremely attractive Mormon woman be unable to find an eternal companion by the age of 21? I figured there had to be something wrong with her that wasn't visible to the naked eye. Maybe some sort of mental illness. Something that would keep all prospective R.M.'s from proposing.

I couldn't figure it out for 18 months. The whole entire time she was on her mission, she always seemed so sweet and nice... sometimes even a little bit sexy if she didn't wear her knee high nylon socks and I actually caught a glimpse of bare calf. Yowza! She might as well have been in a revealing one-piece at Pineview Reservoir.

I didn't think much about her until I came home from my mission and she was at my homecoming. She came to my house afterward and ate some delicious snacks. She was dating another elder from my mission at the time. He was an A.P. and I didn't know him very well, but he was a pretty big guy and I'm pretty sure he could have taken me.

Well, guess who came to FHE on Monday night? Yup. Sister Harms. Her name is actually Shera and she still looks pretty dang good. She's not dating that other dude at the moment and I'm pretty sure she'd go out with me... if I get the courage to ask. She dated that other guy for a while so I'd probably be the "rebound" guy or something, but I honestly don't care. I can't wait to call Elder Fergeson and tell him I snogged Sister Harms... if I actually do. That's gonna be awesome!



Summer said...

Ha! Happy snogging. ;)

Steven said...

I know the sister missionaries. It is very rare that the cuter ones didn't have something majorly wrong. Maybe when you snog her you'll find out. She might have permanent onion breath, or hair on her tounge. It's gotta be something though.

Steven said...

I know the sister missionaries. It is very rare that the cuter ones didn't have something majorly wrong. Maybe when you snog her you'll find out. She might have permanent onion breath, or hair on her tounge. It's gotta be something though.

Joshua C said...

Who are you guys? Howd you find my wifes blog, is someone from the basin?

Taren said...

there are so many things i'd like to say about what I just read, but i don't even know where to start so I'll resort to saying nothing.

brie said...

hmm. i like you. you are funny.

i say go for it. it took my hubby three weeks to work up the courage to ask me, and look what it got him. ME! ha.

Heidi said...

I'm going to assume that this stuff about sister missionaries being ugly was a joke, since I can't believe that there's anyone who ACTUALLY still believes that. I never served a mission, but I know lots of women who did, and many of them did so because by the time they were 21, they still hadn't found a guy who was good enough FOR THEM. No joke.

I oughta send you pictures of my sister's wedding and all the hot female cousins who were there. Most of them served missions, and they're all really good-looking girls with fabulous personalities and talents.

Morgan Green said...

Not all sister missionaries are ugly...
Just because a mormon girl is cute, over 21 and not married, doesn't mean there's something wrong with her. I've noticed that many LDS boys have this mis-conception. My brothers do find some wacko's, so I'll give you the benifit of the "sterotype", but it's not true for all cases.
I SERIOUSLY considered going on a mission, but didn't. I'm now 25, not married and I have to say I'm pretty AMAZING looking (esp when i wake up in the morning!).
I want to finish school and get a steady job, because where I live, in Las Vegas, returned missionaries don't feel the need to go to school, they decide it's much more lucritive to Valet park cars. I also haven't found a guy I REALLY WANT TO MARRY. So don't be so quick to judge the mid-20 non-married girls. There's nothing wrong with us. :o)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! 21 years old is waaaaay too young to get married. What the heck, that's when life begins. I hope Utah girls realize there's more to life than getting married at 21! I'm only 20 years old and the thought of getting married when I'm 21 years old is depressing.

However I do think my sisters and I are in the minority towards that type of thinking. I want to get married, but I'll wait until I'm in my mid to late 20s.

There's a whole world out there to see & I know I won't be able to see much of it being tied down. Thank goodness my mom taught me since I was a little girl to finish my education & see the world first before I condemn myself, I mean commit myself to marriage.

Anonymous said...

wow. pretty sad that YOUR mission didn't help you see why women would want to serve a mission. Pretty shallow.