Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hypocracy and Proposals

I told Jake that it was his turn to post something, but he's talking to Andrea on the phone. He was trying to mouth something to me so she didn't know that he was not giving her 100% of his attention. I thought he was mouthing "Eat Ess, Ach, Eye, Tea (the SH word)", but he was really mouthing "You just did!"... as in, I just barely put up a post yesterday. I tried to mouth to him, "But our blog is really like TWO blogs, with other stories and experiences from our other roommates scattered throughout, as well." But I'm pretty sure he had no idea what I was mouthing to him. I guess I'll just take his turn.

Kinda funny story... about an hour ago I sneezed a few times in rapid succession. Aaron actually looked away from his LDS singles account for long enough to spout something about how three sneezes in a row releases the same amount as endorphins as an orgasm. No freakin' way. I don't know exactly what endorphins are, but my third sneeze didn't get anywhere CLOSE to the other feeling. I made the mistake of saying that aloud and Nick said, "How would you know. I thought you were a virgin." Then I said, "I AM... Mr. Box of Tissues on Your Headboard." The amount of hypocrisy in this house is astounding.

Luckily we can all take an above average amount of ridicule and mockery. Except Aaron for some reason. He'll make fun of one of us, then as soon as we say something back... like, "You're fat" he gets all quiet and doesn't say anything for 15 minutes, like he's pouting or something.

I guess Bryson's fast worked. He decided that he's going to propose to his girlfriend. The weirdest part is that I was there for their first date. I WAS THERE! I watched them meet. I was a witness to the first-date-awkwardness that happens to everyone. Now... a few short weeks later... he's proposing. It's a real eye-opener for me. Like, I'm realizing how easy it could be for ME to meet someone and fall in love. Bryson didn't do anything different than I usually do. It just happened for him. It could just as easily have been me. That's what makes me feel so weird. Every single date I go on could be the first date with my future wife. I don't know if I should feel excited... but I kind of do.



CaLLie.ANN said...

Thanks for taking my advice, love the helpful hinters on the side. :)

Steven said...

Funny stuff. I think the REAL numbers behind the sneeze theory is that the sneezes are 1/10 of an orgasm.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like if you combined the sensation of ten sneezes, that would just about do it, if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

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