Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plural Marriage... er... Dating. Plural Dating.

Jake told me yesterday that Andrea's cousin Carla likes me. Carla went out with Aaron last weekend, remember? I mentioned that I thought she was checking me out. I usually assume that every girl is checking me out, but this time I was right.

Here's the problem, though. Andrea set me up with her friend Amy last weekend and she ALSO set Aaron up with Carla. So now what? I can't date them both, can I? I mean... I COULD, but eventually Andrea will tell them. She's cousins with one and best friends with the other. I'm not very good at dating two girls at the same time anyway.

One time in high school, I got a date with this girl (Girl #1) who canceled on Thursday cause she was told she had to work. She told me she would try to get out of it, but when I hadn't heard anything by Saturday afternoon, I found another date (Girl #2). Right after I'd solidified with Girl #2, I got a message from Girl #1 saying she was able to switch shifts and she could go. I purposely didn't call her back cause I didn't want to explain that I'd found another date. She called me about six times, but I didn't answer and I didn't call her back.

Well I picked up my date, Girl #2, and drove her to my house so we could meet the other couple. The doorbell rang and when I answered it, I saw the other couple standing on the doorstep along with Girl #1. I could have said something smooth, but I didn't. I froze. I've blocked out most of the details, but I vaguely remember going up to my parents room and tearfully asking my mom to take care of the pickle I'd gotten myself into. She gave me a hug and went downstairs. I have no idea what she did, but she sorted it all out for me.

The bottom line is that I don't do very well with more than one girl at a time. I'm a horrible liar and I seldom think before I speak... which is trouble waiting to happen. Jake is great at dating multiple girls. That dude knows how to juggle.

So how do I decide who to pursue? Carla is blonde. Amy is brunette. Carla laughs at my jokes more often. That's pretty important. I wonder if they'd agree to going out with me at the same time. When that happens on dating shows, the girls always compete to see who will put out more. These girls are the types where they'll probably each take turns baring testimonies instead of baring naked flesh. Both of those are important to me in different ways... depending on the day of the week.



manda said...

Your posts always make me laugh haha thanks for sharing and making my day a little better!

Steven said...

Judging by your story from the past... I'd say you need to steer clear of dating multiple girls!
Or just tell Carla she can be your Mon, Wed, Fri Girl... and allow Amy to be the Tues, Thur, Sat girl. That way you don't get in a pickle.

Anonymous said... should do it anyway. It's not like either girl has staked claims on you yet, and you should date them both until you figure out which one you like more/ see if you even like both of them. Haha, the only thing would be finding out that you like both of them equally...then you might have a problem. :)

Alexis! said...

That was so sweet of your mom! :)

Azaad!! said...

When I first started reading, you guys came across as a little shallow, just a tad bit. But the more I read, I'm beginning to see that there's much more to your preferences than just good looks and a hot bod, which is wonderful!

Also, if you are convinced that you cannot juggle, why put yourself through that? Pick one of the girls and see how that goes. (I know you posted this long ago, but what the hell!)

And I agree with Alexis. That was really sweet of your mom! :)

Anonymous said...

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