Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay, I've got a lot of updates, and I am going to apologize here, because with my last post about Andrea and the kiss argument this is going to seem a little anti-climactic. However, I'm a busy 22 year old bachelor, and blogging most of the time ends up being one of my lower priorities.

So, Andrea talked to me at work, and she was pretty awesome. She told me she needed some time to think about things. She told me that she really liked me, and that she was pretty upset thinking that she had messed things up with me. She did this whole "I put myself in your shoes" thing and she apologized. She told me that she didn't want to lose me. We discussed kissing a little bit, and she said that she wanted it to just come natural and that so long as we both felt good about what we were doing that she would be fine with it.

Also, I did not get to kiss her this weekend... I saw very little of her because she had a family reunion that I didn't know about. Blasted Mormon Family reunions last like three days! It's probably good that we didn't kiss though. There seems to be a lot of pressure now. I think I have decided that I will probably start the kissing without tongue and kind of let it flow.

Also, this weekend, my computer crashed because somebody has been looking at porn. How do I know? Because when it stopped working, I had to do this soft reboot thing, and I was looking around and found a bunch of these little 30 second porn clips hidden in a folder named "data." I am happy to let people use my computer but if someone is tossing it... well first off they should probably read that pamphlet with the GA talk that I would always find in my missionary flats that talked about the "little factory" and tampering with that factory. Secondly, they need to be more careful, viruses are rampant on porn sites. I have my suspicions, but I will hold my tongue until I can figure out who it is... unless all three of them are in it together. That'd be gross.

Also, I have had an ad on Yahoo for a roommate. We have had a few guys come check it out. This guy named Lance came by today he seems like a pretty cool cat. He is LDS, but used to party a lot and is just now working on getting back into the church. We should know by the end of the week if he's moving in.

Also, our singles ward sucks. Church is boring enough as it is, but this ward is lame. My buddy tells me the university student wards are a lot better. I have convinced the guys we should do some hopping next week and look for greener pastures. Aaron is the only one getting any from this ward anyway and none of the girls are cute enough or cool enough for me to respect his chick pulling skills.



Lyss said...

join the club. My singles ward is so crappy. I dread going every week. We have a good Bishop though.
Can't wait to get back to the university wards they are TONS better!

Erin Paulukaitis said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm just jealous that you can actually talk to a girl you're dating about kissing. the last guy i dated refused to bring it into the conversation. bravo for being intelligent.

Anonymous said...

That link isn't a real General Authority talk. The website even says they aren't affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You guys are a bunch of cons. Get a life and stop messing with other people's beliefs.

Anonymous said...

firstly, that article is real, it's handed out in churches. secondly, while I have yet to read and find if you have found the culprit, you should know htat viruses are actually often the other way around. The virus will spawn porn onto your computer. I work in computers a lot, and have actually seen a virus do something almost exactly as you have described. as it is months later, I hope you have properly cleaned the issue up, so to speak. (haha, I'm punny this late at night).