Friday, May 15, 2009

Supplemental - Brittany

August 24, 2009

This girl, Brittany, and I have been exchanging emails daily. She's, by far, the coolest girl I've met online. She's got a little baggage, though. I guess everyone has baggage, but hers comes in the form of two children.


Then, at about 1am, Brittany says, "You should just come over." "Nope. No way." was my reply. Brittany explained that her kids had been in bed for a while and her roommate (female) was watching TV in the front room and wouldn't care. "Sorry, Brittany. Not gonna happen."


At about 4am, we were both laying down on her bed... still talking. I thought to myself, "I could probably kiss her right now. After all, she invited me over... we're in her room... on her bed... laying down..."

So I did. And she did.

August 28, 2009

I've seen Brittany a few times since last weekend. Her house is where we usually get together.


There's always lots of kissing on and off throughout the night, but it hasn't gone much past that.


But I do have a line. I promise, I do. My line is probably two steps further than YOUR line, but it's still a line. And I won't cross it.

September 1, 2009

Then, Brittany alleged, Spud walked past her and touched her butt. Then she looked at me like I was supposed to do something about it.


Then I told him that he was making Brittany feel uncomfortable and that it would be best if he left. He apologized again and walked out the door. No debate. No argument. Nothing. He just left.

September 5, 2009

I've been able to remain in control up to this point in our relationship.


Well, I'm pretty comfortable in the 4 to 5 range. If I've been dating a girl for a little while and I'm really into her (actually... that doesn't really matter) then I've been known to delve into the 6's. I've hit an 7 twice in my life, but Brittany seems to be pushing for an 8 or an 8.5.


I'm always the one who stops the heated horizontal progression. Never her.


Brittany is only the second girl in my life who I know for a fact wouldn't stop me if I decided to go all the way.

September 15, 2009

I missed the first 30 minutes of the movie because Brittany kept whispering stuff in my ear.


She said, "All of my co-workers make fun of me." I asked why and she said, "Cause I'm the only girl in my office whose boyfriend refuses to have sex."


As close as I can pinpoint, that's when the light switch went off in my brain. It was like a combination of her crappy brother, his crappier party, her interrupting my movie, and then trying to make me feel guilty for not putting out.


I told her not to poke my belly button. (It's one of my pet peeves. It doesn't tickle at all. It just kind of hurts.)

September 21, 2009

she says, "I can get whoever I want, whenever I want. You have no idea how stupid you are for breaking up with me!" then she grabs her roommate, who had been standing there silently, and gave her an extremely wet, tonguey kiss. It was a short kiss, but freaking awesome. Then they both got in the car and drove off.


Lyss said...

i am confused? why are you feeling guily with Brittany? Is it because of everything you did with her before your break up?
Don't feel nervous. You'll be fine, promise. :)

Blossom said...

Yeah, I'm confused too...

And in that last sentence, did she kiss a girl? For your benefit? Ew.

You are not stupid for breaking up with her. Run. Run quickly, and far away. This is not who you want to marry, so don't waste your time and risk falling in love.

Why do you only date crazy girls?

Lacey said...

I would have to agree with Blossom. I'm sure you don't (and shouldn't) regret breaking up with that girl. She sounds a little wacko!

Whatever it is you feel you need to get off your chest, I'm sure you'll feel much better once it's taken care of.