Friday, May 15, 2009

Supplemental - Brakken

Brakken is one of Lances best friends. He is super douchey, and no one in the house really likes him. Brakken is a real tough guy. He wear shirts that are entirely too small for him. He is almost orange-like with fake tan. He rides a bullet-bike and thinks he is such a badass. We hate that he hangs around so much and that we actually have to compete with him for girls at our house. He's pretty good looking, muscly, dark hair, dark eyes and trendy as can be.

Nick wants to beat him up, because he made fun of the brand of 4-wheeler Nick's dad has. It would be a sweet fight so I'll hope for that to happen.

As evidence that he is a d-bag, when we created out uniformed rating system, he was there. When we rated the famous girls he would rate them exactly the same as Lance, until once when Calvin made fun of him for it. He varied slightly. Brakken epitomizes the tool with no personality.

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Allison said...

hm.. sounds like a nice guy! :D