Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supplemental - MBP Calendar

We are always interested in what the imaginations of our readers are turning up and think a calendar made up of submissions from our readers would be really cool. So, read the descriptions below. Get your Camera's or your paint brushes out and send us your picture. We will review all submissions and put together a calendar with our favorite ones.

The idea behind the calender is more than featuring the anonymous guys of the Mormon Bachelor Pad. More so, the idea is to feature the bachelor life, with some dating stuff, and funny things from our blog. It will hopefully be a mix of portrait and still-life pictures.

RULES (only two)
  1. Pictures CANNOT show the face of any bachelors - the idea being that these are pictures of members of the Mormon Bachelor Pad.
  2. Pictures must be awesome.

  • Though no male faces can be seen in any of the photo's, pushing the envelope is encouraged
  • It is perfectly okay to show the faces of any female figures in the photo's
  • On portraits. A lot can be done without showing the actual face of the Bachelors. I.E. silhouettes, objects covering the face, from the shoulders down... or the chin down whatever.
  • There are links to basic physical descriptions of the bachelors that can be found on the sidebar of this blog, fill in the blanks for any information not listed, like hair for example.
  • Be creative!

We haven't set a deadline for submissions because we are lazy, but we want to do this soon. We will probably do some honorable mention pics on the blog if we receive lots of pictures.

Any one of these idea's or a variation of it would make a great picture. Pick one and create your best, or make up your own idea that you think belongs in the Mormon Bachelor Pad Calendar.

(1) Back of a guys head, maybe half or whole perhaps over the shoulder or just close up of the head. In the background girls can be seen walking away (or toward) like he is checking them out or they are walking towards him. Girls could be frolicking or doing whatever.
(2) Guy laying on couch sleeping, his hand is out-stretched still clutching the xbox remote or old school Nintendo remote. Hand in fore ground is covering most of his face. Maybe one closed eye is all that can be seen or something. Soda cans and junk food remnants could be part of the set.
(3) Very close up of guys face with scruff. This comes from a description of our blog.
(4) Girl scratching a guys back in a church pew, from behind or side. Can't see his face, he's in church clothes.
(5) Guy on date, or by himself, inside a car doing the air drums. His drumming hands could be covering his face.
(6) Soccer legs shot, with "Jake" written in faded Sharpy on the cleats, probably doing a defense wall with ball and other player in background or something.
(7) One of the characters LANCE goes clubbing a lot and we often make fun of his shiny shirts. So, a still life with a purple or blueish shiny clubbing shirt crumpled up by itself or next to jeans by the side of the bed, as though he threw it off just before climbing into bed. We visualize this one on a hardwood floor because that's what he actually has in his room.
(8) A reverse "entourage/reservoir dogs pose" a picture with all 5 roommates full body walking away from the camera in just regular type clothes.
(9) Still life of garbage can in kitchen, ridiculously overfilled, displaying the balancing act bachelors often do with the garbage can so they don't have to take it out.
(10) Snuggling behavior... surely you know all about this? If not email Calvin for demonstration... obviously no faces, just intertwined limbs, male and female, maybe arm scratching, or spooning on a couch (preferably a cheap couch)
(11) Guy in Pink unitard w/ hood halloween costume, perhaps sitting on porch w/jack-o-lantern.
(12) A guy holding up a huge wad of tangled Christmas lights, Like seriously huge, which - wait for it - covers his face.
(13) An old house (victorian or craftsmen) at night with no lights on. To showcase how no one is home on a friday or saturday night.
(14) A couple kissing on park swingset awkwardly holding together chains.
(15) A male hand playing with a girls hair while she try's to sleep, or brushing hair past her ear.
(16) Three or 4 guys on their cell phones, staggered, standing or sitting, covering their faces.

These are just idea's, the sky is the limit. If you kind of get the idea, and have some other idea's that would be awesome. We will do 12 to 15 Photo's on a 12x12 calendar.

When you have your image email it to us at mormonbachelorpad@gmail.com

You can email us or leave a comment on this post and we will respond promptly-ish.

Chosen pictures will be linked to on our blog and the photographer/artists web address printed on the calender. Those chosen will also receive a free calendar and a lifetime of gratitude from yours truly. All serious submissions will be shown on the blog... we would let you guys vote on them, but we know we would cheat and just pick whatever we like anyway, and cheating is no way to get into heaven, is it?


Nate said...
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Nate said...

So is there a prize for winning submissions (other than getting put in the calendar)?

Maddie said...

DUDE! i'm chloe's sister, and i'm a photographer, and i would totally do this for you! if you're still interestedin the original shoot, my friend and i are starting up our business, and we are definitely interested! check us out: www.maddieephotography.com

Anonymous said...

it will be impossible to stay anonymous. You've already shared way too much info.
I'm sure you are one of these guys or they would know
David Bruce, Brian Early, Jared Kinnard, Joseph Rowley, Michael Rushworth.
If I cared who you were I could look these guys up on facebook and figure it out.

Brittany said...

Dang even busting out some real names now? no response from you boys? Im hoping this person is way off so this blog doesn't go away :(

Blush said...

so I have spent my morning reading your blog. if you need a photog I am your girl. I do a lot of snog style photos....jk but I do romance and weddings. but I am not stuck inside that bubble. www.blushbybk.com/blog

Anonymous said...

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