Friday, May 15, 2009

Supplemental - Lisa Sanders

Introducing Sister Sanders... I met her on my mission. We served in the same Ward in a little burb of Dublin. No, we weren't companions, there was a set of Elders and a set of Sisters both serving in that Ward. Almost every night the four of us would end up at the same members house for tea appointments. This went on for the full three months that I served there. It was sort of like going on dates. I mean, if I asked you what a meal, conversation, some subtle (and very slightly inappropriate) flirting during afters sounded like? You would probably say "a date" right?During the three months we were there we became really good friends and were very close. Nothing inappropriate ever happened (except once without thinking I put my hand on the small of her back as we passed through a doorway - and I consequently felt her turn to stone with shock, to which I flung my hand away smacking my companion behind me. It honestly was 100% accidental and resulted in all 4 of us bursting into laughter)

Unfortunately our comfortable rapport seemed to some members of our ward to be way too comfortable. So, of course one of those nosy, judgmental, crazy members (I'm sure we all know one or two - like some of the anonymous commentors on this blog) took it upon themselves to go to our Mission President and tell him that, Sister Sanders and I, were dating. Apparently, the nark did specifically use the word "dating." Which was absolutely a bald faced lie.The mission President pulled us into his office and confronted us, separately. I laughed off the accusation, but Sanders took it pretty hard. I remember sitting in the lobby and seeing her walk out her face flushed red and her eyes swollen with tears. It sucked. Even though I'm sure he believed us, our President transferred us both to area's on different sides of the mission and I never saw her again until last week, when she invited me to the Jazz/Spurs game.

Sister Sanders first name is Lisa, but on the mish you pretty much refer to everyone by their last name, so I just call her Sanders. (I still have a hard time using Aaron and Calvin's first names for the same reason) I've always thought Sanders is good looking. She is tall, 5' 10". She has shoulder length wavy dirty blond hair, her eyes are a real-light blue, like the wrapping paper on Kirkland bath tissue that you get at Costco. On our mission Sanders was one of only three Sisters that I thought were cute. She is also wicked awesome. Sanders is a perfect example of a girl who on the LOS is a 6 or 6.5 but she is so cool and has such a winning personality that it bumps her to a 9 on the OS.

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