Friday, May 15, 2009

Supplemental - Andrea

Andrea dated Jake from July through August. He met her at work. She was really righteous which made him feel uncomfortable. Jake ended up breaking up with her citing that he did not deserve her. They broke up in early October and have had little contact since.



I first saw her today [...] she was walking towards me and it was as if time slowed to where I was in a slow motion moment. Her hair was bouncing softly on her shoulders and it was as if a chorus of angels sang lightly as she walked passed me. She smiled and I looked at the ground like an idiot.

Her name is Andrea. She is so beautiful. I spent the day trying to figure out if our first encounter was the Spirit trying to tell me something or just me being sappy.

I may have to handle this one all sneaky like.


She is so adorable. She isn't really dating anyone either. She has the most perfect mouth I have ever seen. If I got to kiss it I think it would be comparable to Joe Smith finding the Golden Plates!


Andrea from work is all I think about, and she is like a 9, and she is funny and cool.
So I have concocted a plan to get her to go out with me.
Susan will tell Andrea that her Cousin who is our same age is in town and that she really wants to set her up with him. I will then tell Andrea that Susan's cousin has also asked to come on the canoeing date with us. This will give me a chance to talk about something with her and not feel stupid. Then unbeknownst to Andrea, on the day of the date, I will tell Andrea that my date canceled. Susan will later on that day tell Andrea that her cousin can't make it, then she will suggest that Andrea just go with me since both of our dates canceled at the last moment.

7/11/09 work my plan went off without a hitch.
We were really able to talk and get to know each other. Andrea is pretty awesome, and now that I know her better, I know that I don't think that just because she is beautiful. I'd say she's probably the most beautiful girl I've ever dated, add in her level of cool... I may be in trouble here.
When I finally got Andrea home, I was shaking with nervousness for the doorstep scene. I knew I was going to walk her to her car, and I knew there was no way, NO WAY, that I was going to try and kiss her... still I was petrified.


I am really digging on Andrea. She is pretty freaking beautiful. I notice little things about her that I feel sappy and embarrassed about noticing.
I really like being with her. Even though we have really only been out a couple times.
I met her Dad... ... After all the usual stuff he says, "So Andrea tells me that you watch "R" rated movies?"
Andrea and I left shortly after that and I expected some sort of discussion and urging on her part to get me to renounce "R" rated movies, but she didn't even bring it up. She's pretty awesome.


I don't know what I'm afraid of. She likes me, I like her. I want to kiss her. She is no doubt frustrated that I haven't kissed her. Regardless of all of that I just lose every ounce of testicular fortitude when a moment arrives that we can kiss. Why?!

7/30/09 - 8/22/09

Jake an Andrea argued about what was okay whilst making out. Andrea won the verbal arguement. They did kiss, and it was good. Then Jake push and won the argument phsically. The question at hand, was it okay to include tongue in a make-out. Andrea was against and Jake was for.


Their relationship growing stronger, Jake and Andrea still had not had a DTR. They fast together and when Jake avoids the DTR Andrea tells Jake that she is going to go on a date with a Fireman from her Ward that her Mom set her up with. Jake try's not to be jealous.


Jake entertains going out with a new girl from work. He justify's this because Andrea has chosen to go out with the fireman.


Jake goes out with Harper the new girl from work. He does not kiss her.


Jake expresses his serious feelings of inferiority. Andrea bears her testimony and makes it worse.

9/29/09 - 10/9/09

Jake beats himself up for not being worthy of Andrea's affection. He ends up breaking up with her. He cries. Baby.


Andrea writes Jake a letter explaining all the reasons she thinks his decision was wrong. He posts it on the blog.

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