Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supplemental - Christmas Cards

We've decided to send out Christmas cards this year. We're hoping to use the proceeds from our t-shirt sales to pay for the envelopes, printing of our Christmas card photo with message, as well as postage. Yes... I did say "photo". "Photo of what?" you might ask. Well, maybe you should send us your address to find out.

We'll be mailing out the cards on December 10th, so you only have a couple of weeks to get your address to us. You might also be asking, "What if you're really some weird creeper guys who started this blog 5 months ago for the sole purpose of getting as many addresses as possible so you could get our addresses and peep in our windows?" Our reply, "If we wanted to peep in windows, we'd peep in windows. Why do we need to know the names of the girls we're peeping on? Plus... it's winter. It's cold outside."

Still not comfortable? Then give us your parents address and tell them to forward it to you when they get it.

Still don't feel safe giving us your address? Then get a group together and chip in for a post office box for the month of December. Give us the address to the PO box and we'll send it there. Or better yet... give us your neighbors address and hope they give it to you when it shows up in their mailbox.

Do you have a work address? That works, as well.

Remember, though... we aren't rich. One card per address, please. And don't give us a bunch of your friend's addresses as a joke. That's awesome for them, hilarious for you, but expensive for us.

One last thing. Don't leave your address on our blog. That's just plain dangerous.


Allison said...

ooh! Where are these t-shirts being sold? :D

Jessica said...

Still don't feel comfortable giving your address to MBP for a Christmas card?

Then don't!

Nate said...

Will you post a scan of the Christmas Card image and message?

Alexis! said...

What email are we supposed to send our addresses to?

Girl101 said...

You kinda need to tell us what email we have to write to darlings. Slightly essential information..