Friday, May 1, 2009

Supplemental - Out of Context

Click on the quote to read how badly we've taken out of context what they actually said so as to make ourselves look better.

Busy Bee Lauren says: "...earlier today i was reading from pretty much my favorite blog ever."

Missy says: "I can't help but giggle at them and their ridiculousness as I remind myself to let my own daughter know how dumb boys are."

Britt says: " of men who are SO funny and real."

The Middle-Class Mormon: "I realized that it isn't really two guys wishing they weren't Mormon. Instead it is really two recently returned RM's who are just like almost every other returned missionary I know."

Pooba says: "For anyone that moved out to go to college, whether Mormon or not, has got to read this."

Tierra Lynne says: "Confessions of a Mormon Bachelor Pad is my new outlet for stress. [...]reading them would turn ANY moment to hard core laughter!"

Brie at Blogxygen says: "Sometimes they can be douche bags but they’re pretty cool."

Carrie Bradshaw says: "I don't know why I'm so entertained by it."

Rebekah Rogers says: "Can we be friends?"

Modern Mormon Girl says: "seriously, check these guys out. even if you arent lds, its good stuff and gives you an interesting peek into our peculiar world."

Mormon Girl at BYU says: "I love that blog. It amuses me immensely, and I am way involved in the lives of these guys that I have never met."

Katie at Random Ramblings says: "10x more amazing"

The Middle-Class Mormon: "...a bunch of Mormon guys saying they wish they weren't Mormon so they could do stuff."


colleenroselle said...

oh no, are you guys going to get cocky?

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Unfortunately Colleen we were cocky before we started this blog. If anything all the name calling and insults are going to humble us... maybe.

Lauren said...

"sometimes they can be douche bags" hahahahahahahah!