Friday, February 12, 2010

Fired Again

I know what you're thinking after reading the title of this post. You're thinking, "Sweet, I can make a comment about how this guy is such a loser, and how as a result of this one event in his life he will marry someone he doesn't respect, who will be boring and how he will be abusive as a result and then be tempted to have an affair with the cute girl in the most recent job he hasn't yet lost and then got a sexually transmitted disease and then he will make a proclamation to all the world through this blog ( which is a terrible representation of what he claims to believe) that women should stop going to school after they learn how to spell 'cook' (deep inhale) and how gays should explode when exposed to sunlight and how Hitler was actually a Mormon Prophet. Then after I (yes, I am still going on with what you're thinking, so when I said "I" just now that means you) have so wittily drawn that profoundly enlightened conclusion from the two words in the title alone, I will top it off with a recounting of how my life is nearly perfect and the only example of how a life should be lived, thus proving all of my aforementioned points. (exhale)"

Unfortunately, if that is what you were thinking I have bad news. I did not actually get fired again from my place of employment. (Phew) Guess you still like me now, and my eternal salvation is intact. No, I was referring to the upcoming CASUAL BLOGGER CONFERENCE.

Back in the middle January we were approached by one of the organizers of the conference. Their request? "Hello boys. Would you maybe be on a panel at a blog conference about being true to your voice? (you can wear a bag on your head)". To which we responded, "Sure. Will we fit in, though? We're not 'mommies' and we're perceived as risque... you know?" She then responded with, "here's the thing, it's not JUST for moms and we like you. And since it's OUR conference and we make the rules, you'll be..."

For the next two weeks Calvin and I discussed how we would attend the conference and still maintain our anonymity. We came up with what we thought was a pretty genius plan.

The first day of this month, we got another message that asked, "Alright boys. Let's talk REAL ACTUAL PLANS. Are you coming to CBC and planning to stay anonymous? and how?" We had a healthy back and forth, discussing the kick "A" zentai masks we ordered. White masks that would have "MBP" and our name printed on them. She was excited, offered to comp our tickets, and asked us to send her a bio.

It would be hard for me to explain how excited Calvin and I were to go to this conference and mingle with some of our fellow blog pals. Then, two days later, the following exchange took place.

CBC: Would you be horribly offended if I uninvited you to be on the CBC?
MBP: Depends on why? And then the only reason that could offend us were if it's because our blog sucks and is no fun to read.
MBP: We never really thought we belonged anyway.
CBC: Um, well, see, turns out, the church, the ACTUAL CHURCH reads OUR blog. And they're coming to be on the panel.
MBP: You know, WE are members of that church... seems like we'd work well together. Besides, do they even have a blog?
CBC: Yeah, somehow I think that they don't have a blog. I DO think you guys are a little too... um. erotic?
MBP: I have it on good authority that several Bishopric members read, love, & approve of our blog. In all seriousness though, it's fine. We get it.
MBP: Just know that we would be comfortable in that scenario and capable of being appropriate.
CBC: I know. but I have to take into account my business partners opinions. so... yeah. YOU"RE FIRED.

Calvin and I were in actuality, pretty bummed. The CBC offered to still let us come along if we would put up their button on our blog, but after talking it over, we decided that hanging our heads in defeat while wearing masks would seem a bit silly.

We often hear from people that we should take "Mormon" out of our name, because we are such "bad examples." I once said that I would be freaked out if President Monson found out we run this blog. Well, I was being funny. The truth is, I would love to hear what he thinks. I have written nothing that I am ashamed of.

Everyone thinks we are so hated. Well I submit that haters are more likely to comment than others. One day we will let you see the emails we get about how inspiring our blog has been to those who read it. I think you would be really surprised. However, in lieu of casting pearls before swine just yet I will tell you we have not ever received one "hate email."

Due to Calvin's recent 200+ comment post, there has been a lot of people with things to say. We love it. We love the negative posts. We love those who hate us. I haven't given Calvin so many high fives during the tenure of our friendship as I have the past 5 days. We think it is awesome that somewhere, someone is spending an hour or more writing anything about us. So, world wide web, know that we wrote this blog to share our true feelings and make people laugh. We are doing both, and we appreciate all your feedback... good or bad. If you don't want us at your conference or on your computer screens... that's an easy fix. We will keep doing what we set out to do until we get bored.


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Busy Bee Lauren said...

Yeah, I kinda think it sucks you were fired because our panel now consists Lame.

Marci Darling said...

I just love you guys.Seriously, these people crack me up.

Amy said...

To the first part: PREACH!
I loves this and I loves that you get so much love mail. You guys deserve it!

Sorry you got fired.

Did you cancel the mask order or will we get to see some pics of you in the masks in the future?

Better Life Society said...

Thanks for the traffic bro. Maybe later we can wear Ed Hardy and pound some rockstars.

Kate Weber said...

Glad to hear you weren't fired from your job. (And for the record, I didn't think those things....Okay, well, maybe a few) That sucks about the panel though! That would have been cool!

Keep telling the truth! It's why I love the blog so much!

Laurie said...

Maiden post on your blog (instead of Facebook or Twitter):

Everyone who complains about you guys being Mormon and writing this stuff is so full of crap. Isn't the hypocrite thrust down to hell? People think you're "skanky" but what they never say is their personal problem is the word of wisdom or paying their tithing, or whatever. Anyone who wants to be self righteous enough to slam you for having "Mormon" in your title should take a long look in the mirror.

The Boob Nazi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Said the Boob Nazi in a whiny voice...


The Boob Nazi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Hey BN, you should do another blog post about how bad you hate us, will never read our blog again, how we've crossed another line and how you refuse to give us any more attention. After all, it's been two whole days since your last one.


Kellie said...

Preeeeach it!

I haven't found your blog to be a bad representation of the church at all. I mean.. I'm not LDS or anything, but I'm an investigator or whatever, and nothing about your blog turns me off from the church. I basically want to high-5 Laurie.

You can not like what someone has to say without being a total, excuse my language, bitch about it. Which is what a lot of people took it upon themselves to do after Calvin's post.

Say anything that anyone can possibly disagree with and they will.

Laurie said...

I love the Boob Nazi. I love her anger. I love all hypocrisy.

MOST OF ALL I love Kellie and really want to give her a high-five. *high-five to Kellie*

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hahaha - you guys sound so bitter and defensive!! Especially towards your readers who disagree with you. I'm really curious about the direction this blog is going to take over time. I have a feeling it's going to get more and more negative in tone. It's a shame.

Belo Prado said...

"Opinions are like armpits, everyone has them, some of them stink."
I may not like everything you guys post, but I think it's legit that you are honest.

Kaylee said...

I love both of you... marry me... seriously... which ever one accepts... doesn't matter ;)

Meg said...

Please take pictures in the masks- That would be awesome. :)

Jake, you sound pretty cynical and negative these days. That makes me sad. But you are great, keep blogging anyway. The honesty is wonderful.

Brooke said...

Belo Prado hits my thoughts right on the nose. My husband and I laugh like school children after reading posts from you, regardless on whether we agree with what you two say. Keep it real boys.

OMG said...

You are such a freak! Now you just sound desperate for comments by saying anything that pops into your head that might piss somebody off!

You deserve to be fired from that conference!

Nikki said...

I just want to say that my boobs are way bigger than the boob nazi's...and I say that in all real-ness.

Nikki said...


Mary said...

bahaha. not going to lie... when i read that title i was thinking to myself, "seriously? thats rather pathetic."
but please forgive me for judging you so quickly Jake... thats too bad about the conference, the masks seem like they would have been... cool.

Waiting in the Wilderness said...

I really enjoy checking this blog, and I agree with Meg about the honesty.

Sometimes you two remind me of one of those guys that would have had a lot of potential if they had served their mission before things started going down hill...And yeah I know, you are both RM's!

Either way, I think it was hypocritical of those ladies to invite you, but then the brush you under the carpet once the church got involved. They sound like the ones with a guilty conscious. They could at least let you two answer for yourselves. I think you would have done a good job.

That all being said.....I will be back.

Blazzer said...

The first paragraph of this post is one of the best things I've read... ever.

Nikki - your comment is also the funniest thing I've read from you... ever.

One of the things I've always been most impressed with is that you guys really do love the people that hate you.

Having said all that, can we get back to the stories?


Janet said...

Surely someone who reads this blog is realated to Thomas S Monson. Can we get Jake and Calvin an audience with the prophet. Could be the greatest thing ever!

Waiting in the Wilderness said...

I really did mean conscience. I can't be so careless here. Everyone tends to get a little too touchy ;-)

Megan said...

Ha ha ha ha, great great.

Oh and Better Life Society you'd probably like Jake more than you think, he's already done a few posts making fun of Ed Hardy *whereing* characters. Like peas in a pod you two, Jake just can't spell.

Anonymous said...

aw man, and you guys are great! you're just being real. I like how you guys don't try to write what you think people want to hear, but how you truly feel without hesitation. haha does that make sense? whatever keep it up!:)

Crystal said...

*whew* When I saw the title of this post I literally said outloud, "Damn, AGAIN?". But I'm glad it wasn't from your job. That would have sucked.

It does also suck that you got "fired" from CBC too though. That is lame.

PS: Stop feeding the haters, I won't say any names...even though it's extremely obvious who I am talking about...whem you reply to them you are just validating them. It's an endless cycle.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Blazzer. I think you guys say you love the people who hate you so you can seem really laid back and fun loving. But it's pretty obvious (especially by attacking the BN in the comments even) that you have no sense of humor about it and are becoming really sensitive and whiny.

OMG said...

Oh and Nikki - for the record my boobs are bigger than both of yours. I am pregnant so they have tripled in size!!!

A♥ said...

Not being mormon, or religious at all for that matter, what I love about your blog is how tame and innocent it is! It's so interesting to see the COMPLETELY opposite perspectives. Also, people need to stop taking everything so seriously. Ok, so you guys can be a little sexist at times but you do it hilariously!!

Thomas S. Monson said...

Boys. Please refrain from your silliness and attacking of women. We love women in our church and encourage them to gain an education and when necessary work outside the home to help maintain the home.

You are good, misguided boys.

Go your way and sin no more. That includes stopping the horizontal mamba. Yes. I'm hip like that.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feel too bad. CBC to me sounds like a piece of Sh**. Those who are organizing it are nothing but elitist, condescending, frumpy Mormon moms that think they can organize an event that anyone gives a damn about. They are what is wrong w/the Utah Mormon culture.

And would you really want to be on a panel anyway when they have yet to have sold 100 tickets? You would have an audience of 3. The Mormon Mommy Blog founders and someone that loves her Snuggie. At $175 a pop, I would much rather fill my DC mug 196 times then listen to someone teach me how to blog and develop "relationship skills".

You guys are pretty freaking hilarious. Find a reputable operation to hitch your wagon too.

And yes, I'm staying anonymous because I don't want the Snuggie Mormon Mommy Blog Mafia to put a hit out on me and black list me from the blog community.

Stay strong my brothers!

Rebecca said...

Sorry Jake, but the last half of this post really sounds like it was written by a girl!

The Lady Girl said...

They are just acting like the average guy, they put on a tough exterior, inside they are soft like teddy bears. I'm sure a tear fell for every bad word said about them. They are just on the defense now. It's something my friend Jesus calls pride.

Dara said...

way to stick it to the man!

tammy said...

That's it. I'm not going.

Okay, I wasn't going to go anyway. It's Memorial Day weekend for hell's sake.

The Lady Girl said...

You tell those boys Thomas!

Julie said...

I will admit...I love to read what the "haters" have to say. Do I agree? No, not normally. Really, if they truly hated you, like you said, it is an easy fix. They can stop reading and go and write their own supper lame blog.

For a couple 20 something punks, you guys are harmless. People are always up in arms about how badly you treat girls. The truth is, there are worse guys out there. To bad for the could have been their comedic relief.

I think you both are quite clever and funny to boot. Do I think I think you will influence world powers or change to world? No... However, if you ever decided to loose your anonymity, you have increased your dating pool exponentially.

Caroline said...

I just posted on "particularly disgusted" They are moderating comments now so I am wondering If I will get through... hahaha

Jake, I think you should write a deal breakers list too... then you can get the hate posts on other peoples blogs. Calvin needs the attention drawn away from him before his head gets too big for his mask ;-)

Nikki said... chance even in your preggars state. I can get witnesses. Bring it on.

Kaylee said...

Did no one notice that THOMAS S. freakin MONSON wrote on here?!?!! hellooooooo! EPIC!

Anonymous said...

The people that run MMB are some of the most hypocritical people I have ever (unfortunately) associated with. I regret ever belonging to their group.

They kick people off of MMB because the content of their blogs isn't up to "LDS standards". They didn't even give her notice or warning.

And then they continue to promote and embrace a temple endowed blogger that takes off her garments and wear skimpy clothing while drinking on vacation and then comes home and posts pictures about it on her blog. Apparently disobeying your temple covenants is OK - but some crude humor is not.

They are a joke. And everyone knows it. And that is why nobody wants to go to their stupid conference.

Rissy said...

I enjoyed Calvin's sassy comments to the boob nazi more than the actual post.
I'll admit it... I read the blog just to see what mean things people say to you. Makes my day.

PULEASE! said...

I bet there was more than just high fives going on...

and now you've got Blazzer becoming more flirtatious with every post.

get a room!

Allison said...

That stinks. But you seriously are entertaining- and I hope you're not regretting posting! We all love you guys! (Well, many people love you :D)

PS- you don't like the Carmen San Diego blog? That's dedicated to finding you guys out? ;D

Anonymous said...

I would agree that you guys are harmless, but like who really takes you seriously besides all the little 18 yr old twitterpated girls on here? Your comment about the prophet is ridiculous. You would actually love to hear what Pres. Monson thinks? If you think that he would be down with you publicly mocking women on your blog, or publicly announcing to all your follows that you've had a bit of a problem whacking off, or that you ride the line when making out to the point of dry humping then you have more problems than we think. President Monson has direct communication with our Heavenly Father! What makes you think that he wouldn't disagree with the fact that you use the church to blog about your own fornications and hang ups? If you had the same blog and left out the connection with the church, then no one would have a problem with you! You would be a normal horny guy. Instead you use the church as a foundation. Nothing more annoying than a fence sitter. You're either in or you're out!

Anonymous said...

That would have been the funniest thing in the world if you would have shown up at that conference with masks on!

I would have personally paid money to be there and witness with my own eyes the moment that you would have been stampeded by a mob of screaming mormon girls while one of them ripped off your masks to reveal your true identity. (This is starting to sound like a cheesy episode of scooby doo.)

That is not a genius plan, that is plain stupidity to attempt something like that and actually think that you could remain anonymous!

I totally agree with anonymous 2:35!!!

Hater said...

I love to hate you!

Your blog is sort of like this song.

I love it but I hate it.
It is kind of cool and totally gay all at the same time.
I promise myself never to come back
but then find myself reading it everyday.
I am so conflicted I can't even think straight.
I am offended but laughing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I can't help agree with the last three comments. Except I only come back to see if you have been booted out of blogspot yet.

Anonymous said...

Obviously both Boob Nazi and the girl writing the feminist blog are both more intelligent than the little whores you associate with. While those same whores are getting horizontal with you, BN and the other girl are getting a degree. IDIOT!

vanessa said...

Yuck some of these comments. Why in the world would you type these very special names and put the words like "whore" "whacking off" etc. near them. So unbelievably sick and disrespectful. Just hurts me to see this and which I had not sat here and read it. Along with the mean comments about other bloggers (in the comments) Just hateful.

Anonymous said...

The link to the song posted by "hater" is awesome!

When I watch that video I think of the lead singer as Calvin and the little guy that follows him around as Jake.


Shelby Lou said...

I wish I was going to the CBC. :(

too bad you got fired.

emmakaren said...

I just think it's funny that everybody has such a strong opinion about your blog. It 's your blog, you can write whatever you want. haha. People don't HAVE to read it. I, personally, like it and find it very funny. You're just guys, it's how you think, you can't help it. Keep writing, it's enjoyable. :) The haters should just stop reading, duh.

Anonymous said...

To Vanessa...these boys have talked about the whores themselves and if you read back a bit, they too have talked about whacking off. RELAX!

And, to EmmaKaren...Anon talked about them being harmless but dragging their churches name into it being harmful. Again RELAX. You'll never meet them.


Anonymous said...

To Vanessa...these boys have talked about the whores themselves and if you read back a bit, they too have talked about whacking off. RELAX!

And, to EmmaKaren...Anon talked about them being harmless but dragging their churches name into it being harmful. Again RELAX. You'll never meet them.


Anonymous said...

If Venessa can say YUCK to these comments, I am a little confused as to why she is not hurling at Jake and Calvin's posts. I love these boys and think they are hilarious, but girl PLEASE don't judge comments and be ok with the posts. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

If Venessa can say YUCK to these comments, I am a little confused as to why she is not hurling at Jake and Calvin's posts. I love these boys and think they are hilarious, but girl PLEASE don't judge comments and be ok with the posts. hahaha.

Tara said...

I love how that first paragraph is a perfect example of a stupid comment where someone blows what you write completely out of proportion... and then idiots do the EXACT same thing on this post.

Extremely comical.

Jennifer said...

Um hello, Mormons whack it just like everybody else. The difference is that the ONE time Jake mentions it he was seeking the council of his bishop.

Church isn't a hotel for saints, it's a hospital for sinners.

I personally believe that having Mormon in your title is honest and worthwhile. I think Monson would be far more understanding than the negative commenters would like us to believe.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the hater comments. Haters are more likely to comment, why? Because anyone who says anything nice about you gets attacked for wanting to date you or if they're male, for being gay.

This is my first comment, I don't know, how many times and ways can I say "you're funny, good post." that hasn't already been done 59 times on every post already. I live with 5 girls, we are all well over 18, we all date plenty and don't want or need to date you boys, but we all love your blog and none of us have ever made a comment.

So don't get discouraged boys keep the faith and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I can make a comment about how this guy is such a loser, and how as a result of this one event in his life he will marry someone he doesn't respect, who will be boring and how he will be abusive as a result and then be tempted to have an affair with the cute girl in the most recent job he hasn't yet lost and then got a sexually transmitted disease and then he will make a proclamation to all the world through this blog (which is a terrible representation of what he claims to believe) that women should stop going to school after they learn how to spell 'cook' (deep inhale) and how gays should explode when exposed to sunlight and how Hitler was actually a Mormon Prophet. Then after I have so wittily drawn that profoundly enlightened conclusion from the two words in the title alone, I will top it off with a recounting of how my life is nearly perfect and the only example of how a life should be lived, thus proving all of my aforementioned points. (exhale)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised with all the MMB haters (well, all the haters in general). If 8:51am & 12:11pm hate MMB so much then why be so two-faced and pretend you like them and participate? Just remove yourself. I'm not apart of them and I really doubt they would care that much if you removed yourself.

I did read their site and it didn't say anything about drinking or keeping your temple rules but it did say that you can't post anything pornographic, offensive or crude.

So why be such haters?? It is exhausting and exudes negative energy. Besides spewing all this venom-- whether at MMB, the conference or at our cute boys will NEVER change any of them. Do you really think being a hater and being nasty will spontaneously make people change? Because if you do, you are delusional.

All it does is make YOU--the hater-- look like a giant ass.

Heather Guymon said...

HAHA seriously anyone that says you are "bad examples" of what Mormons are is full of shit...the stinky runny kind too.

Seriously. Who the crap decided that Mormons were any different than non Mormons? We are people too, who make mistakes, and I know, me personally, try to admit those mistakes and better myself.

Never have I ever thought of myself being better than someone and I often times tell my husband that "I am SO going to hell" because I don't proclaim to be holier than thou and I freaking don't care what others think. You see, I think that Mormons that are outwardly perfect all the freaking time are FAKE and have a closet fulllll of skeletons. The only perfect person to have ever walked this earth was Christ...and he didn't judge, so I won't. I LOVE your blog and how honest it is and quite honestly I am drawn to how REAL it is because lets face it, you guys are single virgin Mormon boys and have doesn't just hide itself away until you get married, because that would be too easy and MUCH less boring in my opinion.

OK sorry I just got a mental point are both awesome.

The end.

(p.s. if that was a mumble jumble mess of words I blame my four year old demanding her breakfast...apparently kids need to eat. Who knew."

Anonymous said...

Um..I am new to this blog and maybe as I read some of the older ones I will change my mind. However, Heather..I don't think that when people say that these guys shouldn't use the churches name in their blog, or talk about masturbation one minute and then the temple another, that they are neccessarily claiming to be perfect. It's the little things like posting that he thinks our prophet, you know the one that leads our church, the one that is communicates with Heavenly Father, would be ok with his ridiculous horizontal romps. These "romps" in question probably never even happened so I do agree that people get a little more into these blogs than they should. You sound like a fence sitter. You know one of those "mormons" who spends so much time trying to look bad ass by typing shit and dick all while your child sits waiting for some breakfast. However, I bet you act a little different when you roll into church on Sunday, or when you're putting on that "front" for everyone to see. Act your age, get a clue and feed your kid. Moron!

Screwed Up Texan said...

I think Jake and Calvin should just hook up already.

Kayla said...

This is absolutely hilarious. I love the hating comments. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. I love MBP. No one is claiming to be perfect here. Furthermore, neither Calvin nor Jake are claiming that every single Mormon man out in the world feels the way they describe they do.

We all have struggles, they are just openly putting it out there for the world to read. (TO GET READERS AND COMMENTS!)

Get over it, haters. You obviously don't hate enough to actually stop reading it. HILARIOUS.

Little Black Rain Cloud said...

Heather Guymon:

You sound pretty judgmental for someone who claims not to be judgmental. What's wrong with people objecting to this blog? Isn't it our right to be able to agree or not, or should we put on that FAKE smile that you speak of and pretend that the "shit" of this blog doesn't stink? I'm not perfect and I don't live to be, and
I'm not going to pretend or justify MY wrong doings. But what I see that is so wrong with this blog and some of it's readers, are the contradicting views. If you don't see it will.

Personally, had this blog been called The Bachelor Pad without the Mormon I never would have clicked on the link, but thinking oh hey, this might be a delightful, clean adventurous blog about 2 righteous Mormon men! wellllll, no it's more of a place for them to brag and boost their egos.

Some say it's Mormons like "us" who push members and investigators away from the church, maybe so...but I don't completely buy that. Aren't you in charge of your own path and choices? Don't you have the ability to see right from wrong? And find for yourself if the church is true? If you fall away from the church because of being offended by a member, I strongly believe it was your own fault. More like a ticking time bomb.

Waiting in the Wilderness said...

Most non members find this blog shockingly innocent. The blog would not even make sense if the Mormon part wasn't clarified.

C and J being Mormon does change their dating experience and their behavior...they are-at least relatively-chaste. Does being Mormon change their behavior enough? That would be good question, but not something to get so upset about.

Anonymous said...

I see pres. Monson at almost every single Jazz game EVEN when his wife was in the hospital.

That man is so busy but he still makes time to enjoy himself and have fun. I'm sure he doesn't mind if you do too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Little Black Rain Coat! You put it perfectly and I couldn't agree more. I basically see this blog as a forum for stupid little girls..who honestly sound like they haven't fully gained an understanding of anything, to post their love for these two guys. If Jake and Calvin were not ashamed of the way they act, then they probably wouldn't be anonymous. There is obviously a lot of shame there.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't have many issues with you boys... Although I do worry if all boys think like you do because then we girls really have *no* hope... :-/

Amber Forman said...

Ha ha ha, I love the rage in some of the comments on this.

I wonder is Pres. Monson was actually the one who posted that comment.

Anyway, on with the bitter babble of your readers. I find it to be rather entertaining!

The Little Black Rain Cloud said...

*ahem* Little Black Rain Coat?? Who might that be? ...I see no comments from a Little Black Rain Coat.

The Little Black Rain Cloud.

Anonymous said...

"I have it on good authority that several Bishopric members read, love, & approve of our blog."

so what? who cares? that is like saying "I know of several RM's that read, love and approve of this blog."

just because someone is in the bishopric, doesn't mean anything. I know bishopric members that swear, tell naughty jokes and probably would think your blog is great, that still doesn't make it right or o.k.

hey you judgy mcjudgers said...

thou shalt not judge

Anonymous said...

Hey all you haters. Why do you even think your opinion is so important? Your judging them is the same as committing the crime.

hater said...

anon 5:14 - and you judging us is the same as commiting the crime of judging. so why do you think your opinion is so important?

Anonymous said...

hater - how is me telling someone to stop judging, judging? and i didn't give my opinion.

- anon 5:14

Hailey Jones said...

i wish i had 75 hours to read your latest posts. sucky school. but i thought i'd let you know that i think people who hate on the mbp are just jealous.
my husb and i always say when we meet single guys, "hey maybe they are the mormon bachelor pad". we love you. we talk about you. we laugh with you.
we are your biggest fans.
so cheer up charlie.

are you serious? said...

anon 5:14 - you said "judging them is the same as committing the crime." I am pretty sure that is an opinion and could even be proved wrong in some cases. does a judge get thrown in jail for making a judgement on a murderer? no because the judge did not commit a crime.

you are judging me by saying I am judging others when I am just giving my opinon, not condemning them (I will leave that up to God). and you are juding me by saying my opinion is not important by asking "why do you think your opinion is so important?" apparently you think you are better than everyone and that my opinion doesn't matter?

I personally like hearing different opinions, it gives me an opportunity to see the other side of the story and it is thought provoking.

people who attack others for having an opinion have a major problem and the last thing they should be worrying about is telling someone that they are judging.


Anonymous said...

oh my hell. YOu seriously don't get it. "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again". Not an opinion, not my opinion, but scripture.

And I wasn't attacking you anyone for having an opinion. I was telling "the holier than thous", what makes them think their opinion matters when it doesn't. The only opinion and judge that matters is God's.

You clearly missed the whole point of what I was trying to say.

I'm done with this.

suckah said...

no I don't get it.

I don't get why you would accuse someone of being "holier than thou" by quoting scripture. because guess what that makes you? I am sure you can think of a few things since you have all the sciptures memorized.

I don't get why you would say that none of us should have an opinion because the only opinion that matters is God's? if our opinion doesn't matter, then why do you even care? and why are you giving yours?

you clearly missed the point of what I was trying to say...

and don't pretend like you won't be back to read my response.

The Lady Girl said...

Looks like everyone is arguing themselves in one big ole' circle! Everyone take a breather!

Carmen San Diego said...

I'm not sure if you're gonna let this comment through, but I'm gonna try.

We're getting closer, day by day to finding you.

Good luck staying anonymous boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone sounds pretty defensive. I might believe that you didn't really mind people posting about you - - that is if you hadn't immaturely posted blogs on your link to make fun of them.

Just keep justifying yourselves and rationalizing what you're doing. You'll reap a better punishment for doing that than any of our critical comments could provide for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also the fact that you're now moderating comments seems to suggest that someone hit a tender spot. Poor boys.

common sense duh said...

Things I have learned from this post:

There is a Mormon Mommy Blog Mafia.

A few people have really big boobs.

President Monson may or may not read this blog.

The writers of this blog may or may not be going to hell.

If you are able to google and quote scripture, you must be judgemental.

FYI said...

anon 7:41 - in your first comment you said "Your judging them is the same as committing the crime."

you didn't actually quote scripture until the next comment- so you really don't make any sense.

I am not trying to provoke you to swear at me too, but just thought I would point that out.