Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supplemental - Tshirt Discounts

Are you a student? Are you broke? Are you always looking for ways to save a few dollars? Well, we have GREAT NEWS!

Why pay full price for a Mormon Bachelor Pad t-shirt when you can do a whole bunch of lame things and get it for cheaper?

Option 1: If you have our button on your blog. You'll get FREE SHIPPING! Yes, you read that correctly. FREE SHIPPING! After ordering your t-shirt, email us with a link to your blog within 24 hours and you won't be charged for the shipping. Note: If sometime down the road, we return to your blog and notice our button has been removed, you'll receive a bill for $3 in the mail.

Option 2: If you write a 500 word blog post about MBP you can get an additional 20% off. The blog post must be no more than five (5) days old and can be positive or negative. We don't give a crap. However, there can be no mention of the discounted shirt in the post. Email us a link within 24 hours of ordering your shirt.

Option 3: Send us a photograph of you wearing our t-shirt in a public place like the mall or an all girl pajama party or an Extreme Cagefighting Competition and you'll receive 20% off of your next t-shirt purchase.

Option 4: You can receive a 5% discount for doing each (or any) of these:
  • Mentioning how awesome MBP is in a Facebook Status Update
  • In Facebook Info under "Activities", include "Reading the Mormon Bachelor Pad blog"
  • Have one of your peeps invite us to be their FB friend and say you told them we're the shiz.
  • Make your Facebook Profile photo a picture of you wearing your MBP t-shirt. (note: no refund on purchased shirt. 5% valid on future purchase only.)
Option 5: Buy one (1) girls t-shirt at full price, get (1) guys shirt for 20% off. Great for your boyfriend, love interest, open-minded father, husband, or man-shaped girlfriend.

Fine Print: Accrued discounts can not exceed 30% (plus free shipping). Option 4 requires that we be your FB friend. So hurry up and invite us.

We're seriously gonna try to keep track of this stuff. We're probably even gonna be counting the words in your blog post. That's how much free time we have. So don't even try to pull a fast one.

If you have suggestions for T-shirt Designs: 2nd Edition, email them to us so we can make fun of them without you knowing. If we like them and we use them, we'll send you a free shirt... for free.



Katie said...

I'm so doing all of these. My measley paychecks don't go very far, but I don't think I can stand not having one!

Autumn said...

You boys don't have to count the blog words. All you have to do is pull up a word document, copy the blog post, paste it in word, and go to "word count." Hey. I should get a free shirt for that. Don't you think? Yes.

Buggsby said...

easier than counting... just copy paste the blog post into Microsoft Word and use the word count tool... that way you continue to have "that much free time" for other, more important endeavors... ;o)

Buggsby said...

hahaha... so I totally did not read the other comments before posting... Autumn beat me to the bright idea.. ;o)

Ryan Holdaway said...

Hey guys. The FCC now requires bloggers to disclose whether or not they are compensated for reviewing a product or service. Intellectual property (like music, art, or another Blog) counts, and the penalties carry pretty hefty fines. Like 10G's. Encouraging people to review you and not disclose the compensation attached might be infringing upon the new guidelines. Here is a link: http://ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm

I'm not trying to be a jerk or boss you guys around. I'd just hate to see this blog get shut down because you two had to take jobs hauling dirt out of the Bingham Copper Mine to pay down your FCC fines.

Kari said...

I like the "Man shaped girlfriend" part... :) Lol, you guys never cease to amuse.

Anonymous said...

For real a joke, why would people want these? Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

How do you have all this time when you're supposedly in school and going "horizontal" with girls all the time. One would think that you would barely have time to blog, much less all the time in the world.