Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Red Day on the Calendar?

Sometime in early October we started receiving emails from people asking, "Have you guys ever thought about monetizing your blog." The scene in Mallrat's when the TV producers say to Brody "You got great presence, Kid. Have you ever thought about hosting your own talk show?" and he responds without hesitation, "Yeah" always comes to mind whenever anyone asks me if I have thought about making money off of anything. Of course I have. At least once a day I think, "If only I could figure out how to make money off of watching "Family Guy" or playing "Call of Duty"... but I digress.

So the whole monetizing thing is up in the air... there are lots of things we are considering and have had a heck of a time making anything happen. Sort of a boring topic so if you are remotely interested in our advertising adventures and drama you can read about it here in our supplemental section.

The two major side effects of our advertising chatter are t-shirts, (which we are doing and should be available next week or so) and a MBP Calendar.

I know you're hoping that said calendar will feature glistening close-ups of Calvin and I's clothing-less upper bodies... Sorry to disappoint, because we have decided on pictures that showcase the life of a Mormon bachelor, with no faces. Something anonymous, stylish, and awesome. So I sent a message to a photographer that I have actually met. We aren't really friends, we're friends of friends She is very talented, one of the best photographers I have seen. She would have been perfect for this and she has no idea that Jake is... well... me. We had an email back and forth for a while I will give you a very abridged version of our back and forth. (See the unabridged version here)

I know women hate it when we men blame things on their monthly cycle. So I wont actually say that the drastic unprovoked change in tone was as a result of anyone involved's monthly shedding of the uterine lining... but, if not that? I gotta wonder. Her name is Abbie Warnock.

Oct 28th: Jake to Abbie
So, we're facebook friends which hopefully means you read [...]our blog[...]if you do read, you know that we are completely anonymous. [...] We are thinking of making a Calender. [...] So what do you think? -Jake
Oct 29th: Abbie to Jake
Hi Jake, I'm not a beefcake photographer by any means, and if it's anything like the mormon shirtless calendar dudes, I just can't be bothered, ha ha. [...] but I would like to know more about what you're doing. :) -Abbie Warnock
Oct. 29th: Jake to Abbie
no, not a beefcake thing at all... Is there a time I could call you? I have a feeling concept and vision would be better discussed than written. Probably one conversation would be enough to decide one way or the other if it's something you'd be into.
Nov 3rd: Jake to Abbie (after not hearing back from her)
Okay, I will try to be succinct, because from your responses so far I am gathering (incorrectly perhaps) that you're not really interested in this. [...then I explain in great detail our calender idea...]I know that you're busy and kind of a big deal so if you're not into it, I'm sure I can find someone less talented and hungrier.
Nov. 5th: Abbie to Jake
Sorry, the last 48 hours have been a big runaround[...]Those are all cool ideas, and I could definitely produce those images for you.[...]My hourly rate is $200 per hour of shooting, and my Full-Day Rate is $1200
Nov. 9th: Jake to Abbie
That is definitely out of our budget right now. Unless I can some how get my Pell Grant to include it... :) [...then I make a counter offer...] That's the best I can do, and understand that probably wont work for you. I will look into another photographer while I wait to hear back. Are there any you would refer?
Nov. 12th: Abbie to Jake
I can do that [essentially accepting our counter offer].
Nov. 12th: Jake to Abbie
That is excellent! So, we probably need to discuss details just so we're both clear. [...] -We (as in Calvin and I) will not be meeting you in person or attending any "shoots" [...] I've never used a camera that cost more then $24 I don't know what [...] you will need from us.
Nov. 12th: Abbie to Jake
*I'm actually totally NOT ok with you two not attending the shoots. [...] That's non-negotiable. Since there isn't going to be an art director, one of you needs to wear that hat. [...] This sounds like something that we should sit down and talk about in person. I'll be in provo tomorrow.
Nov. 12th: Jake to Abbie
Unfortunately Abbie the anonymous thing is pretty much the most important part of our blogs existence. [...] So, I will discuss with our attorney [...] Where do you live because I'm in Salt Lake City and couldn't make it down to Provo very easily tomorrow.
Nov. 13th: Jake to Abbie
Okay, so there is no way we can personally be at the shoots. [...] So, I know you said this was "non-negotiable" and if that's how it stands I will understand. However consider this: In my very first facebook message I mentioned giving you a great deal of creative license. What if YOU were our art director? I've seen your stuff online and know that you are creative and have an eye for things. I didn't just pick you out of a hat, I looked around. We would be willing to put a great deal of trust in you to get this done. [...] So, I really think that discussing the project over the phone, and giving you fairly free reign that is understood (we can even put it in writing) beforehand could work out quite nicely.
Nov 13th: Abbie to Jake
Wow. I've photographed famous people that've been less maintenance than you guys. You're spending more time talking to legal counsel than you are getting projects along, this is blowing me away. If you're legal-contract-concerned about me revealing your identities like you seem to be, I gotta admit that you're being really pretentious. I have bigger fish to fry and things to worry about other than this.
This isn't worth the run-around to me, and at this point, it certainly isn't worth the price and "perks." Living in a town as small as provo and dating/writing about it like you are and will be, it's an inevitability that you'll be found out sooner or later, and it won't be by Abbie Warnock. Oh, and for the record, my myspace blog has had 290,000 hits in the past two years. People surf. It happens.
I won't be working on this with you. When you figure out how to act like professionals, you can work with professionals.

Abbie is right, I'm not a professional. Since I desperately need to learn to act like one I am glad she has given me this experience from which to glean off of her wisdom. It's not like 80% of the readers of our blog will be getting married in the next 5 years and be looking for a professional photographer or anything. Worst part is... if she changed her mind I'd offer her a make-up-make-out (anonymously) and take her back.


PS: A MBP calendar is in the works if you want to be part of it see this link


Lauren said...

Do you still have your heads? Because I am pretty sure she bit them off.

{that's what she said}

Anyway...if you still need a photographer, I am one.

Lauren said...

Just saw her site...please forget that I said I am a photog.

Please, and thank you.

TechieGirl said...

Wow, she must have a lot of clients. I know that my dad gets a little short tempered when he's really busy with work. I wonder if that's why she was short with you. It's a shame really. Her pictures are actually very well done.

Nate said...

You might want to consult with your lawyer to make sure you are within your rights to post these conversations and bash on her like this. It could be construed as slander...

She is well within her rights to require you guys are there.

Rebekah said...

Ash Ram is a very talented photographer and he's local. Check him out.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Nate: "slander" is oral or spoken words... and it also requires making false statements. We've simply copied and pasted actual email conversations. There is no misrepresentation.

"Libel" is written or printed words... but again... we're not doing anything other than copying her actual emails.


Lauren said...

I think your calendar would be way more awesome if you put in submissions from your readers. Just my opinion.

She is a great photographer and all, but you have a lot more options without having to shell out a lot of cash and dealing with someone who feels overly self-important.

Chloe said...

haha, are you guys still friends on facebook now?

Anonymous said...

I vote for a contest. You've got some incredibly creative readers - I bet they could produce what you're looking for. Maybe have a contest for one photo a week or month, until you have all 15 photos, and then compile the calendar. I'd buy one.

It's a good idea. I'm impressed. Way to make your blog work for you. I have no doubt you'll make quite a bit. Although I think Lauren deserves a cut...a lot of your readers came from her. :)

Alexis! said...

She freaked out, that wasn't very professional.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you guys just don't know what you're doing. It doesn't seem planned out very well. She's well within her right to refuse you like that.

Though I am in a class about ethics and libel and slander, and email is not considered private, though you still may want to be careful.

Erin said...

Sounds like somebody's been getting a big head lately.

Dude. A calendar? for real? t-shirts? This is a bit ridiculous.

You're a blog about a handful of horny guys. No offense, but get over yourself. I like the blog, but you're maybe getting carried away.

Rachael said...

what a biotch!

Jade said...

I love the calender and T-shirt idea! Maybe you need to make some MBP underwear for girls while your at it too ;) haha, but they'd need to be sexy ones...

Cassidie Anne said...

oy gevalt.....i have a feeling she is going to retaliate....this may become hilarious....good luck

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Oh Erin, it's cute how you pretend our calendar wouldn't be pinned beside your bed so you wouldn't miss the opportunity to ramp up for each Bachelors birthday.

Stop fighting destiny Erin... just give in.


TechieGirl said...

Looks like Jake is in a good mood today...lol

Tina said...

omg that lady is ridiculous! i'm a photographer, or will be whenever i get out of college. but srsly i would NEVER talk that way to a potential client! wow.

Nate said...

The email is one thing...bashing on her accusing her of PMSing is not. Just tread carefully, you can get away with things with the girls you date because you are presumably changing their names, etc. but this is a real person with a real business that you are really disparaging.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

You have an attorney and legal council just to remain anonymous? Wow.

What's wrong with her signing some sort of non-disclosure agreement to not reveal your identities? That way she has you to judge the photos, and you have your anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I DO hate it when men try to blame whatever behavior it is they don't like (be it bitching or weeping openly) on PMS.

Most of the time the bitchery is just my own personality, and I would like some credit for that, okay? Don't write me off or put me in a box.

Oh and by the way, I find both of your professed attitudes towards women to be deeply deeply disturbing. And the thing is, I don't even get the sense that you're some unique super brand of dbag. You're just regular guys.

Maybe you need to reevaluate a little bit, huh?

Katie said...

Whoa. Beyotch.

And t-shirts and a calender? Could your blog get any better?

Melissa said...

I'm glad you guys are making t-shirts. I think they'll be awesome.

Christi said...

"Most of the time the bitchery is just my own personality, and I would like some credit for that, okay? Don't write me off or put me in a box."

Anonymous @ 12:11, I think you're hilarious. :)

This is coming from a person who knows nothing about photography, but it sounds like you're trying to get her to do more work for less than her regular rate. I don't blame her for not wanting the project, although she was a bit harsh about it.

Ru said...

Uh, yeah. You gave her a lowball offer and then YOU were the one who brought up an attorney - it's not unreasonable for her to get fed up with you.

This is a bad move, Jake. You're using your blog to air dirty laundry against someone. What is the point of this, other than to hurt her business?

And by the way, you're right, it's not slander or libel to print these edited emails. It's false light or tortious interference with contract if she loses business over this. (This is NOT legal advice, this is just a strong suggestion.)

Seriously man, take it down. She probably has legal counsel of her own, and you're linking an unflattering story about her to her business's website and suggesting to your readers that they take their business elsewhere.

It doesn't matter whether she wins or loses. It doesn't even matter if she has a good case or not. You were vindictive, and now she can be vindictive back. And guess what?

You won't be anonymous once she sues you.

Autumn said...

Wow. Can you say rude? Why don't you get Busy Bee Lauren to do it? haha. I don't think she'd have a problem with it. There are many photographers that read your blog that will surely volunteer for this kind of thing and surely will not have a problem with you not coming. :] Good luck!

Nate said...

Take a look at the unabridged exchange, she was being asked to find (and hire) models, locations, props, etc. for $200 upfront - she was going to lose money on that project. The only way to make the money back was through 25% of the profits on the calendars - something for which there is no good way for her to determine the profitability. Her last email was less than professional, but her insistence on someone to give direction was completely professional.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the point of this post was to compare Abbie's original communication with her final email. This is evident by the title of the post.

She started out very kind and sweet and flexible... even agreeing to do the shoot for $200 and 25%. But when Jake said they wouldn't be able to be at the shoots and HANDED OVER 100% of the creative license to Abbie, she flipped... for some reason.

Jake didn't claim she was a bad photographer. He only pointed out her final email as being over the top.

How about, "You guys seem pretty cool, but I don't have the time to help you with this project. Maybe we can work together sometime down the road."

That's what a "professional" would have said.

Calvin said...

Ru. I think Abbie is waaaaaaay to professional to ever sue us.

That would just be rude.

Calvin said...

I meant, "too".

Ru said...

Anonymous: "Handing over creative license" may sound great from C&J's perspectives, but if she's already considering doing something at a discounted rate, to her it's just another way of saying, "Here's more work for you to do, despite your previous insistence that there should be an art director (ie, to make your job easier)."

The fact that she brings up her 290,000 blog hits supposedly out-of-the-blue means that at some point this conversation included more information than what has been posted here. There are elipses for a reason.

She's not unprofessional. Jake rubbed her the wrong way and she responded in kind. But now Jake is responding like a spoiled, entitled teenager by claiming that she's "PMSing" and bad mouthing her business on the internet. (That whole last paragraph? Classy. Only read my use of the word "classy" with the same tone Jake used when describing her supossed unprofessionalism.) Not cool.

whyimstillsingle said...

You know I respect you guys and your blog, but I think you're a bit out of line on this one.

Jessica said...

People get their panties in a twist over things on the internet WAAAAAY too easily.

This photographer, while she is a good photographer, needs to deflate her ego a little bit and get over herself. That's just my two cents.

A simple, "Sorry, I'm no longer interested in your photography project" would have sufficed.

It was also hypocritical of her to accuse Jake of being unprofessional when she was nowhere near professional in that last email

Anonymous said...

Ru. At any point in the conversation, Abbie could have said, "Thanks, but no thanks." She chose to participate in a back and forth negotiating, with offers and counter offers.

If you click on the link that says, "See the unabridged version here" then you'll see Abbie DID, in fact, bring up her myspace hits out of nowhere... unless the "unabridged" emails were actually "abridged"... which I doubt. But that is neither here nor there.

Jake was nice and cordial in every single email... complimenting and stroking Abbie's fragile ego. Abbie was a bitch. Jake posted the emails on his blog, illustrating Abbie's bitchiness.

I won't argue with the whole "Jake is responding like a spoiled, entitled teenager" thing. That's absolutely true. But this is his blog and he can be that way if he wants.

Marci Darling said...

Dude, you guys need to find a photographer with a sense of humor, seriously.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Mind if I recommend a good photographer to you? She's very excellent in her work, and has a sense of humor.

Amy said...

A calender. Pretty cool. I don't know that I'd hang a calender like that in MY room, but I'm sure there's lots of girls who would. Ha. :)

Lorelei said...

Wish you guys would've emailed me back...I totally would've done the shoot for you for free.

xoxo Lorelei

Ru said...

Anonymous - I agree, Abbie did not behave like she should have in that last email. You're totally right.

I just think there's a huge difference between Abbie's one unpleasant email and J & C deliberately trying wreck her business (which, let's be honest, is what they're trying to do by not giving her a pseudonym like every other character in this blog, linking to her site, and strongly suggesting that their readers not employ her services). If they simply wanted to do a post about how sometimes nice people (first email) turn into bitchy people (last email), they could have changed the details and said, "Hey, if anyone wants to know who this was so they can avoid him/her, shoot us an email and we'll let you know." But they chose to do the exact opposite of that.

Calvin, I know you think she won't sue you, but you are on thin ice, and that's a pretty big chance to be taking.

kelleidoscope said...

I'd just like to say I'm sure I could kick your butt at Call of Duty. Anyyyy day.

She doesn't seem to be a real pleasure to work with. I'm sure out of all the people that read this blog, you've got sooome good photographers. And I'm sure they'd all be more than willing to do anything they could for you guys.

Ashley Lin said...

I was completely unaware of Abbie Warnock and her photography until this post. Her work is absolutely beautiful and I'd love for her to do photography for me in the future. Thanks for bringing her to my attention!

Also, she is a professional who gets paid well. I'd sure as hell say no to two anonymous, uncooperative dudes with no money, too.

Kristin Lee said...

I don't know why you guys are looking into expensive professionals personally. There isn't much to photographing body parts up close, I'm sure you two could do it for each other.

Problem solved.

Chad & Clair said...

I have been reading the blog for a little while now and from what I gathered, the blog is supossed to be FUNNY. It's the point. This little email exchange is funny. Thus they wanted to post it on their blog. I think its hilarious that everyone is freaking out at you guys saying that its libel and you are going to ruin her business. Thats just ridiculous. Everyone needs to chill out! I for one am glad that you posted this blog. I had a good laugh out of it.

Emily said...

Thanks for the post, thanks all for the comments. I was thoroughly entertained at work today. HaHaHa

Megan said...

Jake I think you are on like a higher plane of humor here and nobody gets you.

Everything you say about Abbie is a compliment. Especially if you go to the unabridges version! She is so talented, anyone elses work is second rate, ha ha ha. Then you link to her over and over and over again.

She will probably get lots of clients from you, which is what is so funny, I think you knew that too. Her work does speak for itself.

I bet you are laughing at the people who are mad at you for this and I bet Abbie is laughing at it too.

Are you sure you're not better friends with Abbie then you are letting on.

Ashley Lin said...

Oh, P.S. I love your blog!

20 Something said...

Abbie Is freaking amazing, She probably just got annoyed of you guys. She has been our families photographer for family pictures, weddings, senior year, or just for fun! I love her!!! And she is worth every penny if you can get her booked.


Everyone should check her out.

Sorry you guys got the shaft from her, but really what did you expect?

Anonymous said...

haha im anti abbie....

Matt said...

I don't think Jake is at all bashing on Abbie or telling anyone not to use her services.

He is wondering how in the span of a day her attitude could change so drastically.

From her saying, "That's cool." and "I can do that" to her condescendingly insulting them!

Was she on her period? or still sick? or what? That's what this post is about, not about Abbie Warnock sucks - he never says that.

Judd said...

Bwahahahahahahaha these comments are sooooo gay!

She's good at taking pictures.

You are good at being funny as hell- pssh, "red day on the calendar" you slay me Jake, I have been slayed...

You both suck at your people skills she is rude and you are a baby.

But, you have quoted Brody from Mallrats, and therefore you have my love.

Nikki said...

I know a little bit about the law and could she sue? For what? A few annoying emails that caused her emotional distress? Let's just say no and stop watching judge Judy.
I can't stand DIVA'S. You guys may be a little high maintenance, but her shit stinks when it hits the porcelain pool, too. I don't care if she has a magic camera that can make me look like Pamela Anderson when she was 20 post surgery...kiss my ass with your 200 bucks an hour.
As far as ovaries are concerned...I have never met a hungry and horny male that wasn't worse than a full blown woman in heat. :)N

Tara said...

No one should make a comment on this post until they read the full email exchange. I know that you did it to be short, but I really think you should have just posted the whole thing on the front.

Jake where did you go? Why aren't you defending yourself?

Tara said...

Seriously, these two anonymous dudes weren't being difficult, all they were saying was we are anonymous and we need to stay that way. They were bending over backwards in every other way to work with her.

KatOfDiamonds said...

Dear Angry Commenter(s):
If you have read ANY other post, there isn't anything 'classy' about the way Blogger Jake or Blogger Calvin view women.
Yet you, the reader, continue to come back to laugh because what the MEANY said was true or you come back to engage and get ANGRY when really it was your choice to come back to this site and read.
It's true dome of what I read hurts me as a female but I AM someone who comes back to read because of the humour value.
I love that Calvin and Jake don't hold back... I also love that I don't live in Utah and I am not Mormon and so some of these rude things said about woman don't apply to me.

Dear All Commenting Peeps:
I believe that Jake and Calvin are aware that once something is posted to the interwebs, there is no turning back. It is good that they have lawyer advice and a dictionary...

Dear Calvin & Jake:
PLEASE remember that the game changes once you start making money off something. Not the anon thing, but the Brand Endorsements and such.

Dear Abbie, it is bad for a business woman like you to trash talk to an anon blogger who post full convos because they have secret identities and you do not. Bad move "professional". Sorry but that is a fact of life.

...k... Now I shall sit back and prepare for the haters that will probably now come my way. Good times.
...Thank goodness I remember to put on my Thick Skin Suit every time I connect to the interwebs.

samnhal said...

My sister is a photographer, I believe her website is amyhansenphoto.com She is really good and she will be home for Christmas and I bet she would do it. That would be awesome. I think you can contact her form her website, or you can contact me if you're interested.

samnhal said...

Also, I bet you might like the style of Duston Todd at Dustontodd.com. He is amazing and hilarious.

Alexandria said...

Hmmm...I have been thinking of some calendar ideas for you boys...I am just not sure if any of them are decent!

I don't think I would purchase one (not because I don't love y'all...because I do) but no one can compete with my Robert Pattinson calendar! Sorry.

I would however totally rock an MBP t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Heck yes for calenders and shirts! I can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

i would have been annoyed if i were her too. she was doing you a favor by giving you a discount and then you want her to do all the work that you guys should have been doing. you were a pain in the ass. i don't blame her for pulling out. and it had nothing to do with her period, dipshit.

Anonymous said...

Actually anonymous dillhole, if you read the unabridged, Jake offered to provide models, hair and make up, and props. She was just fussy. Oh, and he didn't say she was on her period. He simply asked -what the hell? in the funniest way possible.
Wait... how can you be so sure she wasn't on her period? Or should I call you Abbie?!?!

The Theobalds said...

I would buy a shirt as long as it said "horizontal", "getting horizontal", "horizontal make out" basically anything that hinted at getting it on horizontaly in bold letters on the the back. I love you guys.

ngthagg said...

Abbie's reaction is pretty understandable, in my opinion. The negotiations weren't great, but I can't blame her for not wanting to take on extra work (ie, art directing, plus the effort of maintaining your anonymity) when she's giving you a discount from your normal rates.

Honestly, I don't see the appeal of hiring an established professional for this work. If you were going to pay someone (rather than taking reader submissions as you are now), find someone who is working to get established. They will be far more likely to go the extra mile for you.

Jessica said...

"As far as ovaries are concerned...I have never met a hungry and horny male that wasn't worse than a full blown woman in heat"

Oh Nikki, SO TRUE!

Erin said...

I admit, jake, i laughed at what you said. whether or not it be true.

Nonetheless, I don't think the whole calendar t-shirts thing is going to work in favor of anonymity. just sayin.

Jen said...

So she doesn't want to deal with the complicated nature of lowering her rate for more work for a guy (I'm still not convinced that you're 2 people) who needs to find a way to anonymously photograph his abs (and I thought I was narcissistic)? And you're surprised by her less than enthusiastic response?

Naturally, you're pissed that she's not buying your bullshit, so you do the most logical thing--try and ruin her reputation on your little internet notoriety experiment.


You're just an ass.

Cathy said...

Does anyone else think anonymous @6:20 sounds like it's Abbie? Just sayin...

And can I add, I don't know why any of you haters feel the need to keep coming back to this blog and reading and posting - If you hate them so much, or think they're so dumb/inappropriate/offensive just let it go and move on with your life already. No one's making you read this blog.

Kristin said...

You continue to be utterly classless. It's mesmerizing.

Megan said...


"who needs to find a way to anonymously photograph his abs"

Jen you didn't even read it did you. Go troll somewhere else if you're not willing to at least insult someone intelligently. It makes you the ass taking things out of context.

Now, after having read both this and the entire unabridged email. Even though in reality her condescension was uncalled for. She should have been nicer. Still, Jake you really are being a baby. It wasn't cool to post this. "Classless" is probably the best word.

C Fox said...

The problem with modern communication via text and email is that so much is missed out on.

I really think if Jake had called her this whole thing would have gone down way differently.

Pick up the phone next time Dude.

Jen said...

Megan, that particular comment was intended to be facetious. I did read it (and I don't know why I continue to torture myself with reading it--it does make me entirely lame) and I was mocking the idea itself.

I'm surprised that you're calling me out on finding their self-importance absurd, especially because I'm not a crazy saying, "OMG like you guys are so mean and this is so dumb!!!11!"

No, I'm logically (and wasting my time) pointing out how ridiculous this guy is, getting all pissy at this woman's bored response. Pissy enough to be a total ass, posting it on the web for everyone to see.

The only women who could find this man attractive are women who don't have enough self-value to realize that men who publicly air dirty laundry don't possess a lot of respect for others. And reading these comments, it would appear that a lot of women are this way. It's sad, really.

Call me a troll if you like (I hate myself for feeding their narcissism), but at least I can do so coherently and logically.

darlene said...

i am team Jen.
(though i'd also say you should get BBL to do the photoshoot for you)

Nikki said...

Jen, are you really this retarded? If so you are a petty hypocrite. Every person who has a blog is an attention whore, and that includes you. Stop acting like other bloggers are narcissistic while you are blogging only to make others aware of the starving black babies in Africa. Good hell, do you want no one to read your blog? I say bullshit. You want everyone to read your blog and that makes you just as narcissistic as the rest of us. Your condescending comments are full of jealousy. Do you or do you not have a picture of yourself multiplied on your own blog several times? Yes you do. Pipe down on the self-righteous indignation as though Calvin and Jake are an affront to all women. We are all smart enough to know that most 20 something males are penis wrinkles and we like it that way, that is the charm of this blog. Your puritanical logic is misplaced. Stop taking this blog so seriously and try laughing at the fun these two make of themselves and even you. You are every girl they date. Only with a bad personality. Life is too short to be so constipated about it. Go get drunk, pull the stick out of your ass and reread the post.

S said...

What is it with boys and Call of Duty? Sure I play those games too, but just not as much. But my brothers and their friends all talk about COD and all the guys I work with sit in the lunch room and talk about how they had 8 people playing last night.

Jen said...

Oh Nikki. I've always said that I'm narcissistic :)

Ryan Hadlock said...

This post gets a big Who the F cares from me. Imagine that - an artist getting pissy when things aren't set up the way she's used to! *GASP*

This post is just a Pavlovian experiment by the MGP guys and we all bite - they ring the bell, we all come running to see what's for dinner. :-D

Sara said...

Do I agree that this thing should be posted on the interwebs? Not really. But if Abbie is so concerned with "professionalism," then she should try using some herself. You guys AREN'T professional, but she apparently is, and should act in kind. There's a nice way to say that you can't work with someone, Abbie.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about the MBP dating lives. Now you're just trying to turn a profit!! How lame is that! You probably had those intentions all along, which is kinda sad.

Vickie said...


K A T E M A R I E said...

I <3 you guys and always will...even if you missed my bday party to write a blog entry. I'm rethinking the invite to the wedding though...

Seriously--I haven't been to your blog in a bit. Masterpiece comes to mind. Very impressed. All of this was only a matter of time :)

Cassidy said...


WOW. Can you say any more horrible things in your comment. Especially when you call her "retarded" which is totally an offense to disabled people.


Anonymous said...

She did end it nicely by saying that not having you at the shoot was non-negotiable.

--- "Either one or both of you attend the shoots with me and provide direction as to what you're looking for, or I don't shoot it. That's non-negotiable." ---

But then you still tried to negotiate it.

At that point I would have been really annoyed too.

Tara said...

After reading the full email attachment and I am amazed how many times you told her if she didn't want to do it that you understood. I am also surprised that people keep trying to say she was in the right. Even the anonymous above, she obviously didn't end it because she wanted to meet with him the next day. And his renegotiation you would have found so annoying was riddled with Him apologizing for being annoying and telling her he would understand if she didn't do it.

It seems to me that she was just pissed that she couldn't know who these guys are because she is such a big deal.

So I don't think she had any right to be annoyed...

Even if she did though, being annoyed doesn't give her the right to be rude.

She was being pissy. I doesn't make her a bad person, photographer, or professional... she was just being pissy.

Happens to the best of us, and Jake clearly still likes her cause he's hoping for a make-up make-out lol.

Amy Robinson said...

ugh, boys. i am very upset with you. i know i maaaay not quite be to the level of this wenchy abbie photographer but i did offer my services for free with the whole idea of the faceless concept. hmph. steal my ideas and then turn it into some dumb fight with someone that clearly doesn't care about you guys like i do... hahaha. no but really, now i'll just go use some guys from my ward and try to dazzle you! you better be excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Um......Seriously? T-Shirts? Calenders? You guys are getting srsly cocky ever since bbl started sending people here, and I'm not really sure I like this blog anymore. You guys are really starting to weird me out.

Anonymous said...

Tara - yes but meeting with him the next day would mean he would be willing to be at the shoot and not remain anonymous. Something at that point she still thought was possible.

I also think her walls went up when he used the word attorney.

I just don't see the "drastic, unprovoked change in tone," that Jake describes. I think she was a total snob from the beginning. I guess it is hard to truly know someones tone in an e-mail, but that's how she seemed to me.

She clearly thought they were going to be at the shoot in the beginning. When she realized they were not, and that she would have to come up with models, props, location, possibly hair, make up ect. and at a discounted price, I think it all started building up. And it was taking up too much of her time just going back and forth about it.

Then when he wanted to negotiate something that she said was non-negotiable that was just the straw that broke the camels back and her true colors came out.

Maybe she was trying to be helpful and give Jake some honest feedback that staying anonymous would mean that he will not be taken seriously by most professionals. Again, we don't know her tone of voice when she said that.

I do agree with her that I really doubt this blog will stay anonymous. I just don't see that happening. At some point I think they will fall in love with one of the readers or one of them will tell their wife about it after they are married and she will spill the beans, or something...

I am not a hater, just have a different opinion. I really do enjoy reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

David Bruce, Brian Early, Jared Kinnard, Joseph Rowley, Michael Rushworth.

Someone who knows.

Ass hats, the jig is up.

Heather said...

Is it wrong that I am laughing at these comments more than I did at the post itself?

If she is SO great and wonderful with her 290k hits on her MYSPACE (p.s. who the hell has a myspace anymore??) then this blog post shouldn't so much as dent her business right?

Seriously though, HA-larious (emphasis on the HA).

Anonymous said...

Haven't you guys ever seen the sign "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" in stores before? Man. She was within her rights. Get over it.

And she probably mentioned her myspace blog because you kept trying to sell her on free ad space on your blog, with it's "growing number of hits." Blog hits doesn't always mean cha-ching, and she must know it.

Also - Have you checked out Abbie's facebook photo?? Even if she WAS having p.m.s., at least you got to talk to a real woman, half the chicks who read this crap probably haven't even hit puberty.

I know this entry has turned off a LOT of your readers. You'd be wise to take it down, not only because Abbie could take legal action, but because you've offended your FOLLOWERS with your tactless post.

Lastly, I gotta admit, this wasn't even REMOTELY Christ-like of you. You may have anonymity (for now) on the web, but there's someone else who's ALWAYS watching what you're doing, and he knows more than your name. Practice what you've preached, elders...

Anonymous said...

Heather... you're a bitch.

How does it feel?

Nikki said...

Anonymous, Abbie could take legal action but she would be hugely stupid to do so. She would pay far more in legal fees than she would get in return in some sort of slanderous lawsuit. Case and point: Oprah vs. Texas Cattleman...The Texas cattleman claimed that Oprah(a person with far more publicity than MBP)ruined the beef industry sales because of her disparaging remarks about beef on her show. The beef industry lost the lawsuit on the grounds that they had to PROVE that the decline in sales was because of the Oprah statement, not easy to do even in the big TV arena. If Abbie wants to pay thousands of dollars to possibly prove that she lost business due to this particular post, more power and money loss to her. She wouldn't even break even monetarily, she would be in a money pit of hell to sue MBP. MBP though a great blog with a decent following, does not generate enough publicity for there to be a case for litigation, and if it did, she would be smart to do the photo shoot and that makes her look even stupider. Either way, she is a moron. Even Oprah couldn't be held responsible for lost business for a meat company on a much larger scale. STOP with your legal action bullshit. It drives me frigging nuts. Scare tactics suck...and the anonymous retards who leave them suck even worse.

Brittney said...

I would really challenge someone to quote the part of this post that says one bad thing about Abbie?

I'm reading the following:

"She is very talented, one of the best photographers I have seen. She would have been perfect for this and she has no idea that Jake is... well... me."

"[...then I make a counter offer...] That's the best I can do, and understand that probably wont work for you."

"That's Excellent"

"So, I know you said this was "non-negotiable" and if that's how it stands I will understand."

"I thought of you first thing because I have seen and admired your work for a long time."

"You definitely have a unique style that doesn't look like every other drab cookie cutter photography I see"

"I've seen your stuff online and know that you are creative and have an eye for things. I didn't just pick you out of a hat, I looked around. We would be willing to put a great deal of trust in you to get this done."

"tell me if you think you could see yourself working on it. If not please just let me know soon, and don't worry, I know that you're busy and kind of a big deal so if you're not into it, I'm sure I can find someone less talented and hungrier."

"Sorry, I know this anonymous thing is incredibly annoying! Get some rest and we can figure it out tomorrow."

"PS even if you half-assed this it would probably be better then the alternative."

WHERE HAS HE HURT HER? I've read this over and over and seen people defending Abbie on Facebook and Twitter, and on here... and yet I don't know what the "Offense" was that they are defending?

Do you have anything to site Mr. Anonymous? Or can you just keep saying "ass hats."

It sounds like a pretty good advertisement to me.

Anonymous said...

You MBP boys are awfully full of yourselves; I'm betting Abbie couldn't care less that you think are a big deal in the blog world.

I will actually use Abbie's services now that I've seen that email - she called you out on your BS.

Verity Kae said...

So many posts to catch up on, so little time! Everyone getting their panties in a twist about her being PMS-ish is so awesome. Shooot, find a girl that DOESN'T become a beeyotch and I'll give her my very favorite dime! (Not that I have one. . . or do I??)
Rock on with the calenders and teeshirts!


Anonymous said...

Number one rule of dealing in business: don't be self-important. Both parties in this situation are guilty of breaking that rule. Just sayin'